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Angie leaves Emmerdale
Regrets? Confused?
Cain hasn't any, but is looking at a picture
Cain tried not to hard to talk Angie out of the mobile phone heist.
The picture Cain was looking at.
Cynthia is enjoying Chris and Charity's party, a guest instead of working.
Steph is there with her "date" Danny
Rodneys partner Susie left her last job because of sexual harassment, she was the accused.
Lisa is still not happy with Zak.
Marlon tells Danny to stop drooling over Susie
The figurine (Juliet) is worth £3000 on it's own but with Romeo £10,000
Angie warns Cain of the security t Tates Haulage
Cain isn't happy that Angie will be flirting with Collins to distract him.
Are you ready for your surprise asks charity?
Susie moves in to flirt, with a joke about wheels.
Lisa arrives looking for Charity.
Rodney comes on to Steph, who reminds him he has a date.
Lisa asks for the house deeds back to which Charity says no. She is still not happy with Latisha who isn't pulling her weight.
Kirk being looked after by Zak
It looks like they were both drinking beer. Zak wonders how he can put things right with Lisa again
Chris is happy with is present
As charity is with hers.
Chris gives a speech.
To his party guests.
Susie wants to leave with Rodney
Trica comes along at the right minute, with Lemon moose.
Meanwhile Cain and Angie arrive at Tate Haulage
Angie passes Cain the keys.
If anything goes wrong said Cain, you were never involved. you can trust me
I know said Angie
Cain climbs the fence and looks for the van.
Charity thinks the party is going flat but Chris isn't bothered he has his new toy.
Danny gives marks on the lemon moose before leaving with Steph
Through Chris' toy Rodney is seen watching Steph leave whilst Susie is all over him.
Cain opens the door to the van
He hot wires it
and starts to drive.
He gets to the gates to unlock with the keys
Sees approaching lights
And hears a familiar voice
Cain can't believe his eyes
Angie is there with the right keys
Collins comes in for the arrest, whilst Cain is asking Angie why
Cain fights him off and dashes for the van
Angie hangs her head
She puts herself in front of the van
It's a battle of her and Cains wills
Collins pulls her off while she is shouting he is bluffing
Cain drives off in the van
Collins and Angie dash for the police car and the chase is on.
Collins can't understand how Angie can turn him down for Cain.
Lisa arrives home to find Zak hasn't put Belle to bed.
Steph checks Danny is asleep
Before getting Romeo out of her suitcase.
Cain confused and in tears
Angie stunned
The police car follows
Cain stops and leaves the van
The car hits it. And goes head over heels off the road
Cain watches stunned
He calls Angies name
It looks like Collins is dead beside Angie
Cain opens the door and pulls her out.
Tell Ollie and Mark I love them
Cain tries to tell her she would be able to tell them herself.
"What about me? Tell me you love me"
Angie dies in his arms.
Hearing the police sirens Cain leaves Angies body and runs into the wood

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