Boxing Day 2002 Death of a Stalker
Louise though she had left Ray dead
But they start arguing, Ray insistent that is is louise's fault
Zak has phone Uncle Moses in Grimsby to ask the way to Chile
Louise fights back over Rays obsessivness
Emily, Paddy and Debbie watch Nicolas turn at charades.
Ray tells he had Tony killed
The fight goes on up the stairs
Louise grabs a vase, and hits Ray over the head
He falls down the stairs
Louise runs down to see what happened, when Terry walks in.
Sam tries to persuade Zak that they should do the trip.
Terry is stunned at the site of Ray, and confirms he is dead.
All Louise can say is I killed him. She explain to Terry how it happened.
Zak and Sam poor over the maps, Zak explains that there is a ship leaving Wednesday.
He points out Chile to Sam
Terry tells Louise to go to Home Farm to get herself an alibi. He'll sort the suitcase and everything.
Jack and family return home. There is some biscuits missing Victoria says she thinks Walter has eaten them.
Terry tells Louise to act as normal when she gets to Home Farm. And to 'discover' the body after.
Louise arrives at Homefarm
Diane is pleased to see her, she explains Ray had to go out on Business
Alan Arrives, while Diane asks Louise if she had just got there,
Louise says she has been there a couple of hours.
When Alan say the electricity is back on Diane says she will go and open the Woolpack, and thanks Zoe Chis and charity for their hospitality.
Back at the Kirks Nicola sits and plays with the remote Emily tells Debbie that although Nicola is her friend she does like to get her own way.
Debbie tells Emily and Paddy it has been her best Christmas ever. But says they need to chill out a bit.
As Terry gets back Mack wakes up, he says he has just woken too.
Alan comes back and invites both to the now open Wool pack, to try and make bygones be bygones.
Jack explains to Victoria an imagination is fine in lessons at school but not to confuse reality and fantasy
Victoria tells Jack of course Walter isn't real she ate the biscuits.
Terry and the others arrive at the Woolpack
Diane says it's good to see Terry and buys him and Mack a drink on the house
Louise says it's time to go and see Ray, Diane tells her to bring him back for a drink
Nicola gives Debbie a pointed couch which sends her to bed.
Paddy tells Nicola They really enjoy Debbie's company.
Lets have some fun, we can finish the bottle
We're really tired says both Paddy and Emily, which send Nicola scurrying to the door calling them fuddy duddies
Victoria talks to Walter telling him she will have to keep him a secret.
Louise arrives back to the site of Ray on the floor and practices her phone voice.
The Tates have their drinks on the house, and Chris be grudgingly admits he likes the day.
Bob feels the day has ended flat
Louise makes the call to the police
The main lights go out.
Diane asks why the fairy lights are still on
Bob said let the candles work their magic
The customers start singing carols.
Terry is very thoughtful
Lisa and Zak sit and talk Zak hints that their problems will be over very soon.
Louise sits and waits for the arrival of the police.

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