Chris Dies.
Wednesday 17th October 2003
Chris listens to Terry and Zoe after they return form visiting Joseph
Terry and Eddie take their gear over to the Woolpack for the talent night
Debbie lends Charity her savings so she can get her hair done for a meeting with Chris
Cain watches from a distance
Chris decides it's time to go home. He makes Zoe promise to take after Joseph
Debbie tells Cain that Charity is busy that night, she lies to as where Charity is going, he soon works it out though
Zoes tried to persuade Chris not to go home to be on his own tonight as he is feeling so down.
Terry returns with Chris's bottle of scotch.
Cain argues with Debbie about Charity
Cain can't believe that Charity misses Chris.
Chris jokingly tells Terry, he isn't getting another pay rise
Although Terry doesn't know it Chris is saying his good-byes.
Chris reaches in the safe for the poisoned glass
Debbie and Cain continue to argue over Chris and Charity. Ending with Cain saying he is going up to the big house
Chris prepares the champagne
Charity arrives
Chris hears the cab
"Looking for business darling?"
"The lipstick doesn't do you justice"
Cain and his car
Chris and Charity start to talk.
Charity says she can't understand how they got in this state.
Cain barges in. Charity begs him to leave.
Cain taunts Charity, telling her she is way out of her depth. She tells Cain she hates him.
A deflated Charity apologies to Chris for Cain. And listens as Chris says he had paid for the night in bed and it meant nothing
Cain arrives at home
Debbie asks what's happened but Cain rushes in doors
Charity pledges her undying love, Chris is as cold as ice. He sends Charity to get his check book
Marlon and Debbie watch Cain get a knife
"I'm going to kill that slapper of a wife"
"police I need help it's my wife she has forced her way in she is trying to hurt me"
He empties his glass of Champagne
Before cleaning the glass
Cain dashes out to his car
Debbie screams after him before giving chase
Charity returns with the cheque book
She stops to repair her make up.
Chris gets the glass with poison out of the safe
And fills with champagne
Charity returns to the room
She says she isn't going to give up with out a fight.
He laughs at her as she talks on, asking how much more could she degrade herself.
Chris offers to refill Charity's glass of champagne
He tops both glasses
Chris tells Charity that he lays in bed thinking of ways to rid himself of her
She looks on horrified.
Chris tells Charity the best revenge would be if Charity killed Chris
To the death of our marriage.
Chris keels over choking
Charity reaches down horrified. Chris utters his last word "whore"
She leans over Chris
reaching down and tells him to get up, tells him it's not funny
She realises and reaches for the phone
Cain enters calling her a silly bitch, he thinks she has done it. He tries to get Charity to go with him. She refuses.
He goes to the office and ransacks it
Cain finds the cash tin
Charity waits by Chris's side
Debbie finally catches up with Cain. She asks where her mum Is. He tells her to get in the car and they go off together
The police arrive
Charity is told Chris is dead, and they call for back up.
Charity is taken a away.
Christopher Tate.

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