Chris's Funeral and the return of Zak
Morning October 16th 2003
Chris at rest and Zoe waiting
Time to leave
The family plot is opened.
Joseph watches on as the coffin is loaded on to the horse drawn hearse
Over at the Dingles Shadrach sleeps on the sofa
Eddie comes down the stairs with Lisa
But little do they know they have woken him
He is "awakened" by Cain who asks why they are bothering to go to the funeral.
Bob is asking Viv the same question, "You didn't even like Chris Tate when he was alive"
Scott can't believe his mother is going Scott refuses to go.
Dawn and Terry prepare, Terry has a dirty tie, the baby is kicking
The villagers gather
Lisa inspects the Dingles attire
A sad day for us all Alan tells Jack
Betty notices Cain
"Have a nice day"
Debbie looks on as Betty has a go at the Dingles
Ashley steps in
Chris arrives
Zoe tells Terry and Dawn they now own Conalton view
Cain can't hold Zoes gaze.
The service starts
Jean gets fractious
Viv offers and takes Jean outside
While Ashley continues ...
Charity arrives.
Cain raises his tin to her
Back inside Terry tells Dawn to shoot off s she's not feeling to good
Debbie looks up as Terry starts his few words.
There endeth part one
Charity and escorts come in .
After the disturbance Terry continues
Mean while outside Cain hears a voice and turns Zak's back
Dawn phones for a cab she is in labor
Father and son hug
They start to reminisce
when Zak asks who died before deciding to "go on the rob"
Charity listens to Terry
Terry said Chris had courage
Zoe and Charity look on
"He was proud of you Joseph"
Bob and Eddie talk about a DIY funeral
Viv arrives with baby Jean
"You've kidnapped the baby"
I'm helping out, now bond with her
"Chris Tate touched most of our lives he was many things"
He was a loving father and brother
And husband buts in Charity I want to say a few words
Zak and Cain amble towards HomeFarm and Cain fill Zak in on Charity and Debbie
Ashley asks for calm so Charity to speak
The congregation looked on
Charity starts to talk
In the process Zoe interrupts then walks out.
Cain and Zac arrive at Home Farm
Zaks peckish
Terry follows Zoe out the church
He has to leave to go to Dawn
Zoe arrives and hears something
The funeral party head towards the cemetery
Shadrach wants to stop off for a drink
Cain has a quick ride in Chris's chair
Terry arrives at Dawns side
Zoe bursts in
Terrifying Cain who runs
"I've come to pay my respects"

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