Christmas Day 2002
Christmas Morning
Bob and Viv
Seth and Laurel
Steph and Rodney
Paddy Emily and Debbie
Marlon and Tricia
All gather to turn on the lights Marlon is worried they will go off again.
Laurel is given the honours and all goes well.
The villagers cheer
Diane invites everyone in for some mulled wine
Alan and Terry pull up and enter the B&B
Louise fixes her face
Ray isn't pleased that Louise wants to see Terry and appologise.
Zak and Sam reminisce on Butches death and Belles birth.
He pointed out the Sty where she was born.
Tricia tastes the mulled wine
Steph wants to know what time dinner is
Viv feels sorry for Terry
Terry and Mack are staying in the B&B with a bottle of malt whiskey
Diane's asks to have a word with Terry
Terry doesn't accept her apology. Diane tells Terry she is leaving.
Paddy and Emily wonder what to do with the presents now they have Debbie
Debbie has bought Emily a present
Paddy picks up a present meant for Emily and makes out it is for Debbie so she doesn't feel left out.
Marlon isn't looking forward to Christmas dinner, he needs quiet to cook
Steph turns up with a bottle of wine. And tells Marlon she thinks Alan is expecting a gourmet dinner.
The lights in the village go out.
Louise pops into the pub looking for Diane
Rodney arrives
Marlon wonders how he is to cook the turkey with no electric.
Rodney bets £ 50 that Marlon can't cook a meal that Alan would enjoy
Louise says her good-byes to Diane. She invites her to stay when they get settled. She has also stored the stalkers number in her phone
Meanwhile Ray is putting the last of the packing in the car.
Louise takes a last look at the pub, and decides to phone the stalkers number
The phone in Rays brief case starts to ring.
Louise leaves a message on the voicemail of the stalkers phone.
Louise joins Ray and they are ready to go.
Bob and Viv talk of the Electric cut. Donna suggest they should feel sorry for the people with no candles.
Which leads Viv to the idea of opening the shop
Ray and Louise leave
They ignore Terry who calls after Louise
Lisa wants help in the kitchen
Sam opens his present
Belle still hasn't had her presents
Everyone gathers in the shop Viv tries to sell candles at £5 a box
Zoe enters and invites the whole village up to Homefarm for the day.
Louise is looking at villas to live in.
It continues to be a family day at the Kirks
Nicola arrives bearing gifts.
Robert and Jack discuss Walter Victoria's friend.
Andy announces everyone has been invited to Homefarm.
Alan arrives for dinner at Marlon and Tricias
Zak reassure Lisa the surprise for Belle will arrive
As he speaks, Shadrack arrives with a pony.
As Louise and Ray talk a phone starts to ring.
Louise teases Ray that he has two mobile phones
It's a voice mail laughing Louise starts to listen
Her joy turns to terror when realisation dawns
Stunned she sits in silence.
Chris Charity and Joseph have started to enjoy a quiet family Christmas
When Zoe arrives, with the village in tow.
Chris' face says how he is looking forward to it.
Ray pulls up, and Ray wants to know who was on the phone
Louise says it was her message to the stalker.
She wants to go back to the village.
The family day continues at the Kirks, Nicola is being shown up as a bad loser.
Marlon worries over his meal
Steph has an idea and drags Tricia away.
Chris isn't best pleased with Zoe
Asks after Joseph and the fake spoogle man
Victoria is worried Walter wont find her to leave her the promised present
Robert and Jack think it could be come a problem, Robert has an idea.
Ashley tells Zoe this is very good of her to open Homefarm to the village.
Ray explains to Louise why he did it. First Halloween then the flowers. It became addictive.
She turned down his proposal she was drifting away from Ray he just wanted to be close again.
Louise had no idea what he went through all her flirting every man in the village wanting her.
The name of the pony is Hamish decides Belle. She is told never to ride without a hard hat or grown up.
Lisa is pleased with Zak. They agree that it's days like this that make life worth living.
Steph and Tricia arrive with a hamper for Marlon to work his magic on.
We can carry on and forget all this says Ray.
You should be proud I love you enough to do this.
Ashley tells Zoe he is missing Gabby.
Laurel admires the decoration but Viv says it's like a motorway service station. Laurel then asks a favour of Zoe
Robert gives Victoria a present and says it's from Walter.
Why are we still here? asks Louise. "Waiting for you to say you understand."
No one expects to see you again, no one will be any the wiser if you vanish
Ray hold Louises head down while he waves to a passer by. Before driving off.
Debbie gives Paddy the underwear that was in the parcel back to Paddy. Debbie is really settling in.
Laurel starts the singing and dancing with the children
"Just as y ou thought it couldn't get any worse" Chris then finds out Seth has been on the phone to Betty in Australia for the past 20 mins.
Ray drives off at speed, when Ray tries to crash the car Louise grabs the steering wheel.
And it spins
and crashes anyways.
Ending in the ditch
Both Ray and Louise lay unconscious
The sing song continues at Home farm Seth pleased to have spoken to Betty
The talk is of Terry and how he was wronged.
Victoria talks to Walter on the phone. He has dropped the present off at home.
Louise starts to come around
Ray is still unconscious
She starts to run
Phoning Diane as she does
With all the noise at Homefarm the phone goes unheard.
Zak, Sam and Shadrack are plotting the trip to Chile.
Louise keeps running
getting lost in the woods.
Nicola gets fed up with losing and accidentally on purpose spoils the game
Alan is very happy with the meal he has just eaten.
Rodney pays Steph the money they bet.
Then Tricia lets the cat out of the bag about the hamper.
Terry and Mack sleep off the whiskey.
Louise runs down the deserted main street
Bangs on the pub doors.
Card games occupy the Dingles
Lisa again tells Zak how thankful she is. And thinks Zak is joking about the Chile trip
Louise enters the darken Mill cottage and leaves a phone message for Terry, telling him Ray is the stalker
Rays head appears in the doorway.
Louise screams.

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