The morning after the storm part one
The workman are in early
Emily and Paddy arrive looking alarmed
Emily and Edna gaze at the gaping hole in the Woolpack All Edna could musster was poor Tricia
Marlon sits with Tricia telling her she can wake up anytime now
At the Dingles they being to wake up
Rodney is still dreaming
Laural receives news of Ashley The operation went well and they saved his leg
The phone rings, it's the first the Dingles are told aobut Tricia
Charity and Zak are gobsmacked as Lisa tells them all about it.
Ethan offers his help to clear up
Andy tells Daz to stay out of trouble
Father and daughter are pleased to see neither are hurt.
Bob changes the subject when the insurance on Donnas car is brought up
Marlon watches over Tricia with Alan joining him
Zoe is still unhappy with Scott because he never came running the night before
With half promises that he can see Jean she gets him to work He also tells her Ashley is hurt
Pearl and Edna are given brooms
Jarvis tells Shadrach he'll be watching to see he isn't looting
Chloe and Syd survey the work to be done Syd feels guilty although Diane picked the cheaper option to get he chimny fixed
Open the cafe for teas, the best idea Chloe has ever had not she said though to sell but give away.
Laural continues to watch over Ashley talking all the time
Diane tries to persuade her to go and rest. Laural though refuses.
Seth joins Alan and Marlon. Alan tells her there is no change
Ashley begins to move the first face he sees is Laurals he thanks her for staying with him.
The machine by Tricia makes a buzzing sound
The crash team are called...
They try to resusitate Tricia
Marlon watches on...
Part two.
Alan tries to get Marlon to sit down. Daz is told off by Andy for setting off the siren on the fire engine. Robert said he and Katie missed all the action Marlon asks of news of Tricia. He is told to wait
Laural decides to go when she sees Ashleys visitors
Louise just looks at Ashley
Paddy tells Ashley what is what
Zoe reminds Ashley he has help now
"What on earth has happened to Tricia?"
They are told Tricia is having a brain scan
Paddy arrives and hugs Marlon
Viv wants to know what happened between Scott and Zoe
Edna is told her upstairs in inhabital
Jarvis offers her a bed, but is refused
Laural arrives back in the village
Jack Andy and Daz go leaving Robert and Katie on thier own
Katie asks Robert if he doesn't feel a little bit guilty.... No
Diane says look who I found
Lisa and Zak try and comfort him
The surgeon arrives and wants to talk to Marlon alone
Laural finally realises however much she pretends she doesn't she loves Ashley
The surgeon explains to Marlon about Tricias coma
I'm sorry Marlon your wife is only being kept alive by machines
Eithan holds preys in the cafe, everyone joins in
Marlon tells the others that Tricia is dead
Only being kept alive by machine shes gone Tricia has gone