The Storm Gathers
Charity wakes saying she had a dream about Chris
Marlon is moving out, to Holdgate Farm to try and get Tricia back
He packs everything to make Tricia a home she will want to stay in
Tricia is havng a heart to heart with Diane, She wont change her mind about leaving
She wants to say a goodbye to everyone without them knowing that what she was doing.
Daz has been accepted into the local school, Andy asked Katie if she minded, she said she didn't
Daz wants to run out to play he twists Andy around his little finger
Viv wants to know what Scott means todo about Jean
"Never Trust a Tate"
Viv leaves Zoe a piece of her mind on the answering machine.
Steph and Marlon have words aobut who told Tricia what.
Paddy arrives to see Steph storming off.
Donna sees Katie for the first time since Christmas Katie tells Donna that Rob and Elaine had split up.
Paddy gives Marlon a hand to get things moved into Holdgate.
Eric and Lisa reminise over last Christmas.
Tricia manages to say goodbye to Edna.Edna thinks she is dizzy.
Donna boasts that she is getting a car for her birthday
Donna invites Robert to her party, pleased that he is single again
Lisa tries to cheer Eric up as he goes on about Gloria
She tells him he has lots of friends
Lisa persuades him to meet her for a drink later in the evening
Sam and Daz are out in the woods
Zoe listens to the phone message left by Viv
Scott hears it too for the first time, and tried to appologise for her. Zoe fires him.
Part two
Marlon works hard getting the place ready for Tricia
Two men and 4 hours work
There is a phone call for Paddy he has to go see an abandoned puppy.
Tricia wishes Seth was there. Betty agrees with her
Donna is still going on about getting a car
Diane has a mysterious phone call
The social worker turns up to visit Daz but he is nowhere to be found
Charity visits her lawyer, she is every edgy. He tells her she needs to lose the attitude.
The social worker can't wait any longer and goes without seeing Daz
Andy grounds Daz as he returns with no excuse
Danny and Rodney discuss grapes amoungst other things.
Diane tries to cheer Scott
Chloe never enjoyed her Christmas with Syds parents
in comes the puppy
Tricia sees it, and sees the note
"If lost take me to Holdgate farm" Tricia decides to take it home
Charity sees Zoe and shouts after her, but is ignored
Liver and bacon Scotts favourite
Scott is not pleased with his mother.
Marlon lights candles and waits for Tricia
Walking in the rain
Her face drops when she sees Marlon
It's a trick
Pearl is still not talking to Jarvis
Jarvis can't understand why
No one wants to talk to Steph
Eric decides to go home
Marlon tries to entice Tricia in
She gives him the puppy
Tricia says she can't and she is leaving
She gives Marlon a note and leaves hm standing there
Diane reads the weather in the paper
The oldies gather for a last drink before...
Betty's taxi arrives
to take her off to visit Kathy and join Seth in Australlia
Marlon reads the letter from Tricia
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