Part one of an hour long episode
Louise comes around and calls for Ashley
Marlon tells Lisa Trica has left him
Robert cuts his hand helping on the farm
Ashley is still out for the count
Tricia sugests to Diane they have a brandy before she leaves
Diane gives Tricia the letter that Marlon left.
Bob asks for a torch.
Rodney is worried about his car out in the storm.
He thinks the Dingles would be a good place
The church service begins
In the absence of Ashley Ethan takes the helm
Edna snaps at the chattering girls
Ashley starts to come around
Louise calls his name
The Dingles get ready to party
Charity isn't in a party mood
Marlon works on Donnas cake
The guests have no light
Donna is the only teenager at her 18th party
Paddy gets a call out
Bob starts singiong and scares the natives
Nicola isn't happy about a party being cancelled
The come to the fallen tree
And turn around
They never heard Louise
Tricia leaves the pub
And rings the taxi firm
She finds Marlons letter in her pocket
Paddy sees the tree
And hears Louise shouting
Ashley again flat out
His leg is bleeding badly.
Part two
Tricia starts to read
101 I love the way you....
Paddy expalins he can't move Ashley until the ambulance arrives
"I do not sleep with my mouth open"
Rodney arrives at the Dingle home and is made welcome
Shadrach doesn't like the share word!
Zoe calls Scott she is frightened. He tells her to wait as he is at his sisters party
Steph stops sulking and arrives at Donnas party.
Wth Donna feeling blue, Bob anounces The present.
Everyone piles to the door to see Donnas car.
Louise is talking to Ashley to keep him awake
She wraps him in a coat.
Robert, Katie, Daz and victoria are at the farm
Daz playfully scares Victoria
Diane talls Marlon Tricia got off with the letter.
Katie and Robert call each other desperate
Tricia is in the phone box working though the list
Donna is so pleased about her car.
She started it up
The rescue team get to Ashley and Louise
Paddy shouts to where they are,
"Get some light" the rescue begins
On the farm Andy goes to look for a stray calf.
The church service ends.Laural is not pleased with Ashley
Edna praised Ethan on keeping it short. Ethan offered teas and biscuits
20. You've never minded washing my socks, that must be love.
19. I love the way your nose crinckles up at something but your not sure if it's funny. Tricia calls and leaves Bernice a message.
They call Donna to get in the warm, news of the blocked roads filter through
Bang the sign goes through the roof of the car.
The rescuers question Louise as to how long they have been there.
Emily is worried it was Paddy in the car.
We only have a few minutes if we don't do something fast it will be lose, the leg or lose him
Part Three
12 when you walk into a room it's like all the lights come on all of a sudden
The light goes on in the phone box
Tricia picks up her bag and leaves it.
The rescue team are working hard
Louise tells Ashley it wont be long
Donna is sure she is cursed, says there will be an earthquake on her 21st.
Bob tells her to cheer up as nothing can be done. Eric even offered to buy her a drink.
Tricia is still reading the letter on the way back to the Woolpack, dropping it she picks up the pieces
The cake is out and happy birthday is sung
Louise is rescued but is worried about Ashley
They start to cut him out
The storm can be heard over the singing
Lightening stikes the village
Just as Tricia is to open the door
She screams
The chiminy collapses
Through the roof
causing the window to fall
The party goers hear the noise
The dust rises
Lightening makes it like daylight for a second
Showing Tricia beneath the rubble.
People start to stand then and realise what happened
The party goers start to leave a lot suffering some sort of injury
Simon called for the emergancy services. Alan checked on Shelly
The fire team are worried aobut Ashley
When asked if anyone knows Ashley Laural pipes up "I do"
Laural goes to keep him talking while they finish cutting him out.
Robert gets techy with Katie who is worried about Andy and Jack
While tendng Roberts cut hand they end up kissing
Andy found the lost calf, t hey go back to the farmhouse
The party goers leave in a panic
The lights are still on at the Woolpack
Marlon looks at Dianes shout and can't believe his eyes
He dashes over. "I came back Marlon"
Edna looks on at the rescue
Laural plays ten favourites with Ashley in an attempt to keep him awake
The party atmosphere is at the Dingles
They worry if they have enough Alcohol. They have food aplenty.
Rodney has a wine in his car, they vote to send Shadrach out to fetch it in
Marlon tries to clear the rubble from Tricia, she is upset she lost his letter
The rescuers explain both roads into the village are blocked

Tricia fades in and out of consciousness talking about the letter

Ashley is nearly out, but they are worried about the time it's taking
Emily says she has used up all her prayers
Tricia wants to know what was in the rest of the letter.
We only have a few minutes or it's off with his leg......
Part Four
Shadrach goes out to get he wine with his helmet on
Diane sends tells the village lads to go to Mill Cottage with the others
Marlon is told a helicopter is coming for Tricia
"I've never been in a helicopter Marlon"
Ahley is out and Laural accompanies him to the hospital
The helicopter arrives but there is no room for it to land
It goes to a nearby field.
Robert and Katie are nearly caught
Katie gets Andy dried off
The Woolpack is inspected
Steph and Alan have only just been told
Shadrach returns triumphant with the wine
Zak proposes a toast to Dingles everywhere,
Marlon follows the helicopter by car
The three arrive at the hospital
The doctor talks to Marlon
They are about to operate, there has been lots of internal bleeding
The seriousness finally sinks in with the realisation she was coming back to him
Tricia is operated on.....
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