Let the Party begin
part one
Marlon talks to Charity abou tTricia telling her she wont come back
Andy and Jack get the horses to safety
"Don't you wish you'd stayed on at school now"?
Diane and Tricia share memories while Diane tries to persuade Teicia to stay. "I'll miss my cockney sparrow"
Bob checks with Scott that Donnas car is ok.
Chas tells Steph Tricia is too busy to see her
"Give her a week she'll be back with her tail between her legs you'll see"
Tricia says goodbye to Diane.
Unknown that an upset Steph saw through the window.
Ashley goes to pay his paper and says to Emily he may cancel the service that evening
Ethan wants to know why he would let a little bit of wind stop it. Ashley tells Ethan a little fib by saying he is going to see the bishop.
Marlon tries to write Tricia a letter but throws them all away.
The dog gives Marlon an idea
101 things I love about you Tricia.
Ashley and Louise go out for thier meal
Seen by a puzzled Laural
Part two
Marlon continues his 101 reasons, the weather plays in the background unnoticed.
The electric went off and back on again, Marlon starts on number 45
Alan tries to persuade Tricia to let him take her to the station but she says no she has to do this herself
Theres at least another hour to go to finish securing everything
Donna notices Jack is "fit" for his age
Jack Andy and Robert put the cows to shelter
On thier return from dinner Louise eats the pudding in the car.
Victoria talks to Donna and Kate about the storm. Donna phones Bob for a lift home leavng just Robert and Kate together.
Charity is feeling sorry for herself
She and Debbie start ot talk, She tells Debbie not to be like her.
Zak gets home and they talk of the night and a party it is New Years Eve.
They are awating the food Lisa is going to bring them from Donnas party
Marlon finds out that Tricia is leavng on the bus.
He gives Diane the letter to give to Tricia.
Ashley is feeling aobut lying to Ethan and Laural, Louise takes the Micky out of Laural
Marlon watches in the dark for a sight of Tricia
Lightening strikes
The congregation arrives
Ethan is nervous that Ashley hasn't appeared.
Laural realises that Ashley has lied to Emily and Ethan, she is the only one who knows he is out with Louise
A telegraph pole lands across the road. Ashley and Louise miss it
Diane tells Sam and Lisa to help themselves
so they do
Donna and Viv make an entrance
The cows escape
Robert is with Katie and Victoria
They are interupted with the arrival of Daz
The service starts
Emily is worried aobut Ashley and wants to get hold of the Bishop
Donna gets a text from the farm, saying the bullocks have escaped and Robert will be late.
She sees Len and Pearl, and tells Scott she hopes she is dead before she is that old.
Robert and Katie go to help the others
Ashley is laughing at a joke from Louise when the car slips on the road
and goes over
And ends up in the river.
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