Tricia and Marlon's Wedding 14th Febuary 2003
Morning January 14th 2002
Ashley awaits his first bride of the day
Alan and Paddy ask if they can use the vestry to hide the guests from Marlon
Ashleys first bride, Ashley has trouble rememberng her name
Diane does Tricias hair when the phone rings.
Steph had sent her applogies but she has been held up in traffic.
The villagers make their way to the church.
It's for dutch courage said Diane.
The wedding grotto
But Marlon thinks it's in bad taste
To stop Marlon seeing Tricia Paddy greates an emergancy
A disgruntled Marlon agrees to repair the damage
Alan awaits and sees the guests in.
Len is among the first to arrive.
Tricia tries to get excited about her dress
Dinae lends her a neclace to cheer her up
Steph arrives laden
Tricia has a go at her mum
Steph insists she opens the box and saves the lecture for tomorrow
Tricia opens
And inside is her dress Steph had bought back from the shop
The guests wait together in the vestry
Bob keeps them amused
Ashley though tells them to be quiet as they are distruting the current wedding
Time for a drink
You made that girls days said Diane
Steph said once she had big plans for Tricia
I feel like the queen
A toast to Tricia and a wish of luck
Marlon looks at Diane all dressed up
Are you meeting a fella tonight?
Right thats done now to see Tricia.
She's gone Marlon is informed and persuaded to put on a blindfold to be lead to Tricia
Chloe and Syd exchange plesentries and he tells her to stop messing and get back with Scott
Marlon is told he is going to go through a door then can take off the blindfold
Ashley looks on
Tricia waits
Off with the blindfold
The first thing Marlon sees
Happy Valentines day
Marlon and Tricia talk She asks him to Marry her
The penny drops about the reception
Tricia explains that she didn't want all the trimmings she just wants to marry Marlon.
The wedding goes ahead
Ashley takes them through thier vows
Paddy looks on missing Emily
Ollies sees
a tear from Edna
Who is that woman in red?
All back to the Woolpack for the reception
The bride and groom enter
Alan gives a short speech
Marlon and Tricia sit in the "Grotto"
Syd tells Scott he should get back with Chloe
Viv wants to go to the loo, Bob is worrying about the ring
Lisa welcomes Tricha into the family
Sam too
Sam gives Tricia a box of eggs his hens laid
Steph and Marlon set things straight
Before Steph is welcomed to the Dingle family
Tricia and Marlon take the first dance to "Over the Rainbow"
Memories for Diane and Rodney
Ashley and Jack talk on being single
Scott thanks Chloe for the valentines card.
Ollie is still missing her mum but dances with her grandad
Sam says there is a man with a big coloured thing is outside
My surprise said Marlon they all go to the cricket pavillion
A balloon fills the sky
a champagne trip across the dales.
The villagers cheer
Tricia throws her bouquet from the balloon and Diane catches it

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