Friday 18th October 2002
The last day of the wedding week
Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Kirk
Gloria is over breakfast working on the next bit of Erics campaign
When who should the hear but Glynis with the PA system
Marlon and Tricia look at the task of taking all the wedding presents back
Zoe drops in at the vets and it's the first she has heard of the change in the wedding couple
Bob has a secret phone call
Bob reassures Viv that that caller, sales man he says, wouldn't ring again
Tricia pops in the shop to return the unopened wedding gift.
Emily comes in still radiant.
Viv passes over the wedding present to Emily
Tricia wonders if she should have got married just to keep the presents.
Steph wants words with Marlon
Marlon tells Steph to keep away from him else he'll be having words with Alan
Bob asks Diane's advice about the phone call he had. She tells him to be truthful with Viv
Charity is distracted by a noise outside the Woolpack
Paddy tells Marlon the best thing he can do is talk to Alan as he can see Steph getting in-between him and Tricia.
The noise Charity heard is Eric on the PA
Betty complains to Eric, all the village heard her over the mic
Marlon tells Alan everything that has gone on and asks what he should do.
Chris is still trying to push Zoe into a termination telling her it's for the best.
Zoe says she knows what is right for her, and she is still going to go through with it.
Alan is stunned at the revelations and says he will talk to Steph.
At the Cafe, Emily tries to find out where Paddy is to be told he has gone to sort out the pigs at the Dingles
Alan interrupts a cosy chat between Rodney and Steph
Tricia back at work brings Paddy over his drink
Rodney walks in saying there is a row going on between Alan and Steph
Alan confronts Steph and demands an explanation of her behaviour
Steph confesses to Alan that she had been in prison for the last six months of a fraud charge.
Bob tells Viv about the phone call from his ex wife. His son is playing up and needs to see his father, the son and ex wife live in Spain
Viv tells him ofcourse she has no objection to him going. All the time her guilty eye is on Diane the other side of the bar.
Alan gives Steph her marching orders. He no longer wants her under his roof.
Terry very disappointed at not being told of anything about Zoe, tells Chris he is off on two weeks holiday
Emily finds Paddy who tells her to keep her eyes shut. He has a surprise.
He leads her to the front room were he has transformed it into a tropical parades. He also informs her that he has booked the honeymoon in Hawaii
Marlon and Tricia make their way home across the road after work finishes
To be confronted at the doorstep by a homeless Steph

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