Thursday 17th October.
The Wedding
part one
Marlon is terrified Paddy has forgotten something
Steph looks on from the B&B
Alan and Jack reminisce about the old days it was almost 30 years to the day that Jacks father was buried.
Tricia has her hair washed already to save time
Terry is told to put his fag out
Marlon is beginning to panic
Emily has a hangover.
Marlon is worried that things will go wrong
Preparations in the Woolpack are well under way
Zac and Sam put up the decorations, they still have a name change to make.
Steph starts on Tricias hair
Emily and Paddy discuss Marlons worries
Latishia takes over the hair styling
But look closely
The gum gets brushed in and stuck.
They try freezing it but to no avail, Steph suggests an iron and brown paper but Tricia doesn't want to be ironed
In the end the gum is cut out.
Emily and Paddy leave and explain to Marlon what had happened. Marlon is convinced Steph will say something.
Nicola admits spiking Emily's drink. Emily tells Nicola off
Does it look all right asks a worried Tricia
I want a mirror Tricia swings round and cricks here neck
Zac and Diane admire the decorations
Cain angles for a free pint
The girls cheer the morning suits
Zac points out how hard he has worked
Latishia comes for Marlon Tricia wants to see him
Marlon thinks Steph has told all
Tricia shows Marlon she can't move her head
Marlon still thinks it's something to-do with Steph
Tricia wants to know what they are going dodo
Scott and Syd try to find out if Charity is pregnant
Syd then spots Angie and joins her
Betty is the next to try and get the gossip
Betty then goes and tells Viv Charity is pregnant
Ashley is in a daze
Marlon and Tricia talk about how things have been going wrong
Ashley asks after the bride and groom and is told they might be late
Marlon tries to persuade Tricia to carry on with the wedding but Tricia is adamant she isn't walking down the aisle with a neck collar she suggests Paddy and Emily take their place
The congregation waits Ashley getting worried
Betty asks what does that mean an accident
Betty's face is a picture when Edna mentions an alcoholic orgy
Scott finally gets out of Chloe that it is Zoe that is pregnant not Charity.
Paddy thinks maybe him and Emily getting married is a good idea
Marlon knows Tricia wont change her mind and that Emily and Paddy should get married
Paddy asks Emily if she'll marry him. I'd love to she says

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