Thursday 17th October
Wedding day
Part two
Lisa is dragging Zac from the Woolpack
When Emily runs over
And tells him she needs a word
Emily explains that she and Paddy are to be wed and would he give her away?
Tricia looks on from her window
Back inside Tricia looks wistfully at the tiara
Tricia insists that Emily wears the tiara and veil "Something borrowed"
Emily is delighted
Paddy is still asking if Marlon is sure
When Paddy explains to Alan Steph is over the moon, Alan is confused.
The groom and best man enter the church
They try to explain to Ashley
But Ashley is in a hurry and cuts them off
Zac and Emily discuss Emily's father she said she'd send him pictures
Steph offers her services as bridesmaid, but Emily sends her in to get Nicola but tells her to leave the flowers behind
Nicola is stunned at being asked
The bridal party prepare to walk in the church
They enter
To a stunned congregation everyone looks
Betty is quick to say Tricia has done a runner
The ceremony starts
Butter wouldn't melt as they sing the hymn Love divine
Steph watches Marlon
Back home Tricia tries on her dress before putting it away
She is in tears
Emily takes her vows
As does Paddy
They leave the church
To lots of confetti
Edna is still saying it wasn't right
Seth says they make a smashing couple and wishes them well
Ashley asks why Chastity is there, hopefully to get blathered she says
Rhona asks if Tricia backed out at the last minute
The bouquet is thrown and Sam catches it

Steph wants to know why Tricia backed out.
Marlon called Steph a snake and told her she was sick.

Paddy and Emily visit the graveyard
The happy couple think and talk about Butch
A bunch of wedding flowers is left
They arrive at the reception where everyone is waiting. Zac says he'll get Sam to change the sign
Gloria is not one to miss an opportunity for publicity
Eric tells her to take a night off as he is going to ravish her laters
Scott probes for more information about Zoe's pregnancy
Marlon insists he feels fine
Steph talks to Tricia, she asks about Marlons feelings Steph tries to brush it off putting Marlon down
Zac's wedding speech is short and drunken
Jack and Alan again talk of old times and the changes that have been made to their lives
Tricia asks if Steph had even been listening to a word she has been saying
Marlon gives the bestman speech which was Paddys
He looks up and sees Tricia watching him, and gets in more of a muddle
He tells the onlookers he loves Tricia faults and all, both he and Tricia are nearly in tears
Sam hoists the sign not quiet finished
They gaze into each others eyes and promise to get married when they can
It's Paddys turn for the speech he talks of new things and things going on for ever and it has to be worked at, you need love and a little bit of luck you can build something that will go on for years and years and years
Everyone raised their glasses

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