Thursday 17thOctober
Wedding week
wedding preparations
This is the first half hours episode of 90 mins of Emmerdale tonight.
Marlon wakes from what he thinks is a nightmare
Ashley has been dreaming of Bernice
Paddy and Emily discuss the kiss.
Viv tries to find out what it is all about
Paddy gives in and tells Emily all
Ashley isn't happy about spending the night in a stolen van
Chastity calls him a snob and points out that's probably why people don't go to church anymore
Rodney is on the phone to Lisa
Lisa promises to get the menfolk moving.
Emily is still dragging everything out of Paddy
Marlon feeling sick and trying to cry off work. Tricia tells him to go and pebbledash the bogs in the Woolpack.
Marlon gets a wave from is wife to be
And his mother in law to be
Realization dawns, he wishes now that he had been kidnaped
Rodney studies the map whilst the guest complained about the accommodation
Zac says the thought "Barley Mill" was tacky
She tells him he couldn't afford the parking there.
Emily compares herself to Bernice and Tricia as usual puts her feet in it.
Lauran promises to look after Tricia at the hen night
I think I may have snogged my mother in law to be last night
You did Marlon you did
But it was ok it was just a little kiss and then you passed out.
15 hours without food and Chastity finds some
You have to share says Ashley
Vicar watch my frock
What the hell are they doing? The trio arrive to pick up the lost couple.
Just a little bit for me says Tricia
Right then we best be off, everyone is crying off the hen night
Tricia wishes Marlon had been kidnapped instead of the vicar
Paddy says Emily couldn't make it, then there's a shout "Betty Eagleton has been arrested"
Tricia goes out side to a surprise!
Everyone is waiting
A limmo to Rays club curtsey of Ray
Gloria joins in aswell Don't wait up Eric
Be good says Bob
Does Viv know the driver?
Well done Marlon as long as Stephs concerned you don't remember anything.
The Dingle men, Rodney, Ashley and Chastity are at the other wedding
Ashley is concerned about the aquisition but Sam asks
" Why should posh people have nicer weddings than the poor?"
At the club Betty is having fun
"My Tricia is never reckless" Steph is sitting opposite Emily, who retorts doesn't take after her mother then
Nicola spikes Emily's drink
Lauren is have a whale of a time
Viv meanwhile goes to see if she does remember the driver, it clicks he was at the Woolpack one evening.
The girls gather in the ladies, Emily is throwing up whilst they discuss babies
You're a little weirdo what's with the dirty looks an snide remarks? Says Steph
Emily gives as good as she gets and tells all that she knows.
Viv tells how the driver fancies her, offers to go and get him to prove it to Diane and Louise
Tricia is in dreamland whilst Steph takes Emily home
Latishia is volunteered to help with Tricias hair the next day
Cynthia and Diane go looking for Viv
What has Diane seen?
I don't make a habit of it honest
He's 29 for god sake
A look that can't believe what they have seen
Why didn't you let me apologies for that kiss? There must be a reason? Steph tells Marlon she loves him.
Tricia is pulled into the pub to stop her ravishing Marlon
Marlon can't believe what's happening.

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