Tuesday 15th October
Wedding week
First we see Mack picking a lock
Paddy brings bad news about the centre piece for the wedding table They order another one but it is more expensive.
Charity trying to make Zoe change her mind about the termination
Chris comes and tells Charity to stop
Viv still tryting to get into the calandar
Lisa and Cynthia getting ready for the photo shoot Lisa is very nervous
Paddy Edna and Ashley prepare to leave Ryan alone with Nicola
Ryan sets up his camera
As the trio leave they hear Nicola saying she is only doing it alone with Ryan as she knows he is gay.
Charity Zoe and Chris await the arrival of the doctor.
Diane and Louise get in the mood for the shoot
Lauran gives her excuses
Betty wants to know why she has changed her mind
Louise says if she doesn't do it then no one will
Viv leaves the Woolpack foiled again
Meanwhile Latisha tell Sam the pen he found in Homefarms rubbish bin is a used pregnancy testing kit.
Marlon finds a ransom note for the wedding cake
Part two starts with I'll go first says Latisha
Lisa thinks about changing her mind but are persuaded to do a photo together
A phone call from the cakenappers
Zoe hears she is not HIV positive
Mack practising
With Cynthia and Lisa together they are one month short it who is going to to that one?
Chloe is tested for light but complains she is freezing
Viv's triumphant smile she gets in the shoot
Lisa and Cynitha pondering over wedding presents
Marlon decides to pay the ransom and gets out his cheque book.
Chris insisting Zoe wants an abortion
The doctor telling Chris it's Zoe's decision to make
A phone call from Angie she can't make it. I'll do two says Viv
Edna decides she'll make the supreme sacrifice and do it, but she insists she keeps her hat on
Chloe Ashley and Viv are agog and leave them to it
Marlon writes out the £7000 cheque for Mack
The Dingle clan walk in and try to stop him
Cain grabs Sid
Marlon watches the club get nearer the cake
Viv trying to gloat over getting in the shoot but Diane puts her in her place
Betty wondering what came over Edna to do the shoot.
The cake safe at last
But do they eat it or freeze it until they can afford the wedding?

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