Wednesday 16th October
Wedding week
Angie explained she couldn't make the photo shoot because of a hoax call
Viv looked on from the post office door
Charity tells Chloe that Zoe is pregnant
Angie tells Viv that hoax calling is a criminal offense, but if she was that desperate to get her kit off for a camera.......
The caterers refuse to return the deposit to Marlon
Tonight's the night says Zac, looking forward to the stag do. To be told the wedding is off.
The locals come together all chipping in.
Zoe asks when the abortion can take place.
Marlon once again persuades Tricia to go down the aisle.
Lauren offers to be the entertainment
Marlon is dreading the stag night, he listen to Zac ask if the pig is greased up well
Zoe explains she has no idea how the baby was conceived and was told next Monday for the termination
Milk to line the stomach before a night of heavy drinking.
Shadrack can't understand the drinking of the milk
Corn beef and cabbage curry a treat for Marlon later
Alan gives a speech on the joining of two families
The Dingles though just want to drink
Danny is told he can have half a shandy and not the sledgehammer he had asked for.
Seth asks what the Dingle ordeal is, Marlon says they make them up as they go along
Charity asks Zoe how it went. My body my choice says Zoe. Charity tells Zoe about a child she had adopted many years ago.
Marlon gets worried waiting for the ordeal when it's going to happen?
Nice try uncle Zac but I can see the 5'o clock shadow, Marlon accosts a guest of the B&B
The entertainment makes an entrance
It's a stripping nun who turns out to be Chastity Shadracks daughter.
Ashley is agog at the sight of the nun
Cynthia and Lisa make cushions for a wedding present
Latisha makes a comment about Lisa being in the family way
Shadrack stops a full strip
Marlon at last recognizes his cousin
£50 you only gave me £15 shouts Chastity
Latishia again going on about babies, Cynthia in the end asks if Latisha is up the duff, Betty asks if it's ok to use the freezers at Home Farm for the wedding food.
Ashley asks Chastity her real name.
It's time for the ordeal Marlon is dragged away.
The women ponder on who could be pregnant.
Danny staggers in through the door only to fall flat on his face
Seth and Alan wonder what what the smart wedding set could have thought about being mixed with a Dingle wedding
First ordeal was to be ridden like a horse by Shadrack
Right get it down you Marlon
Eat the curry and weep
Marlon heads out the door only to disturb Ashley
Paddy tells Ashley that Chastity was asking after him
Where's Marlon?..... I thought he'd come back in?
The singing vicar
Mistaken identity
In the van with the nun!
Zac told it wasn't Marlon
Sam saying he knew it wasn't Marlon the legs were to short
Marlon makes his way along Main street
Falls over Steph thinking it's Tricia
Louise and Mack the only ones in the pub
Anyone to throw out said Ray. Only Mack!
Emily welcomes home Paddy but asks after Marlon
Going to check on him they see him stumbling in the B&B
At the door they stop and are greeted with Steph on top of Marlon
Oblivious to the audience a Steph smiles over an unconscious Marlon.

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