Births Through the years

10 April 1973
Sam and Sally Skilbeck to Matt and Peggy

23 December 1982
Samual David Skilbeck to Matt and Dolly
November/December 1983
Lousie Merrick To Sandy and Andy Longhorh
22 April 1986
Robert Jacob Sugden
to Jack and Pat
29th October 1987
William Malcolm Bates to Malcolm and Sonia
28th August 1990
Peter Whiteley to Pete and Lyn
14th Feb 1991
Alice Rose Bates to Nick and Elsa.
31 March 1994
Victoria Anne Sugden to Jack and Sarah
8th June 1995
Joesph Tate to Chris and Rachel
24th September 1996
James Francis Tate to Kim and Frank
31 March 1997
Geri Cairns to Emma and Greg
25th December 1998
Belle Dingle to Lisa and Zak Dingle
9th July 2001
Kirk Daggert to Latisha
25th December 2001
Gabrelle Thomas to Bernice and Ashley Thomas
24th January2003
Jean Tate to Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor
19th October 2003
Terry Junior (TJ) to Dawn Hope and Terry Woods
1st March 2004
Noah Tate, to Charity Dingle and Chris Tate
6 June 2005
Sarah to Debbie Jones and Andy Sugden
sam Alice and Samson
12 January 2006
Samson to Alice Wilson and Sam Dingle
  9th Febuary 2007 Twins Cathy and Heath to Viv and Bob Hope
  26th August 2007 Arthur Doland
  26th August 2007 Daniel Doland Thomas
  6th August 2009 Angelica 'Angel' Mary King to Niocla Blackstock and Jimmy King

1st December 2011 Kyle to Amy Wyatt and Cain Dingle



17th October 2012 Jack Sugden to Debbi Dingle and Andy Sugden

  17th October 2012 Molly to Gennie Dingle and Nikil Sharma