Book one
Book two
Eight years had passed since young Jack Sugden had left his home in the Dales to forge a life of his own. But on the day of his fathers funeral, he returned for the first time to Emmerdale Farm to claim it as his rightful inheritance.
His past shrouded in mystery, Jack was a stranger in his own family, yet their future had suddenly been placed in his hands.
Nobody had seen or heard of Jack Sugden since he hurriedly left the farm to follow Marion Wilks to Italy. What could have happened to him since then?
This was only one of the problems puzzling the people of Beckindale. You Sharon Crosswaite had vanished with all her savings with out a word to anyone. Could the unwanted attention of Jim Latimer have anything to do with it? And where had old Trash the well known local tramp come across his new found wealth?
Four apparently unconnected events, or were they? How much was really coincidence and how much something more?
Book three
Book four
There were changes afoot in Beckindale. Young Sharon Crosswaite's murder caused a riot amongst the peace-loving villagers; there was talk of turning Emmerdale into a pig farm and Jack's book into a film; even the Woolpack looked different.
But when tragedy struck the Sugdens it was the steadfastness and resilience of the Dalesmen that shone through and gave them the will to survive.
Emmerdale Farm had had its fair share of tragedies, but Annie Sugden found new hope in her son Joes's growing closeness to Christine Sharp. She had first come to the farm as an agricultural expert to give the Sugdens her advice- now she came to them for help, having left home after a bitter argument with her father.
Annie took her in, and she shared willingly in the tough, rough work of the farm. But Joe and Christine's deepening involvement was not quite the blessing Annie had hoped for.
Book Five
Book six
      Since his wife died, Matt Skilbeck has has a tough time, working hard on the farm, caring for his young twins and trying not to become jealous of Joes Sugden's coming marriage. Matt isn't so lucky with his courting, he's never been one for show and Alison Gibbons, who now runs the village shop, has plenty of other suitors. There's Henry Wilks for one - Alison is already greatly in his dept - and Dry Hogben, an outsider-Matt can't fathom him out at all. But it's not just rivals that stand in Matts's way - it's Alison's own past. Joe Sugden's marriage was over almost before it had began. Christine seemed to live in a fanasy world that the down - to - earth Dalesman couldn't fathom. She pursued her privare dreams and neither Joe, his problems with the farm, nor their lack of money seemed to matter to her.
But Joe Sugden wasn't one to complain. He worked harder for Emmerdale than ever, and no-one blamed him for snatching a little happiness with Kathy Gimbel. No-one but Kathy's old -fashioned tyrant of a father.