Book 19
Book 20
    Jack Sugden's marriage to Pat Merrick means problems for the household at Emmerdale. For Jack plans to convert the barn as a home for his new family. But to her great disappointment, Jack seems to have first claim on the barn. Then Alan  Turner, manager of the prosperous N. Y. Estates, sees a chance to hire an excellent shepherd. For Tolly's Farmhouse is empty - and if he were offered a home for Dolly, Matt might be persuaded to leave Emmerdale Farm.... There are surprises all round in Emmerdale - good and bad. Young Sandie Merrick has a shocking secret to conceal from her mother - and it takes Dolly's kindly perception to get the truth from the frightened girl. Jack Sugden and Jackie Merrick are at loggerheads - until the cattle rustlers threaten Emmerdale's valuble livestock, when a surprising alliance is formed. Even Sam Pearson's seed catalogue bears unexpected fruit.
Book 21
Book 22
    Annie Sugden's early return from holiday catches her daughter - in - law unawares. And Pat isn't the only one with surprises in store. Barbara Peters the vicar's daughter is working at N.Y. Estates when her estranged husband suddenly turns up on a visit. A visit that might have dire, consequences for her promising relationship with Joe Sugden.... After a sad farewell to Joe, off to start a new career in France, Annie Sugden tried to forget her own troubles by immersing herself in those of her family and friends.
Pat was struggling to prove her worth on the farm and needed every encouragement, Alan Turner had begun to drink, as his life and business fell into ruins around him, And young Jackie Merrick had fallen in love for the first time - with a girl who was leaving him astray...
All these people needed her friendship - then Annie herself faced crisis...
Book 23
Book 24
    When Sandie Merrick and her father, Tom return to Beckindale for a holiday, everyone hopes Sandie will decide to stay on for good, but Tom meets up with an old drinking companions who lead him into serious trouble, trouble that affects young Jackie, and Sandie faces a terrible dilemma: should she make her home at Emmerdale Farm with her mother, or go back to Aberdeen with the father who needs her? And what should she say to her old love, Andy Longthorn, who comes visiting...? As Annie Sugden tried to adjust to the loss of her father, Sam, family life at Emmerdale is threatened by Jack's continuing affair with Karen. His wife Pat forces him to make a painful choice.
Young Jackie is also considering the responsibilities of marriage as his relationship with Alison, a local farmers daughter, blossoms.
Then tragedy strikes.....