Annie Sugden's Country Diary
Early days at Emmerdale Farm

Annie Sugden's Country diary is Annie's own account of her childhood and early adult life in Beckindale. It's a story of the long hot summers between the wars, the village school and open fields.
Here are Annie's heart-warming memories of the good times and the hard times amongst honest, working folk in the Yorkshire Dales. He sensitive musical mother; her down-to-earth, prosaic father; her first and truest love, Laurence Stanton, and her reluctant marriage to Jacob Sugden.
In this Country Diary, Annie tells us what rural life was really like when she was growing up - all the hints that helped 'make do' during the war, the attitudes of the farming folk. This is Annie's life right up until she became the owner of Emmerdale farm. It's the diary of a country lass who loves life, despite it's trial and tribulations.

In the years following the war, life was not easy for anyone. Rationing continued. The winter of 1947 was the worst in living memory.
But Annie Sugden, the new mistress of Emmerdale Farm, seemed to have more than her share of problems to deal with. Her husband Jacob was feeling increasingly restless and disillusioned with life, and the general upkeep of the farm was suffering as a consequence. The new baby Jack was became seriously ill; and Annie herself was troubled by thoughts of what might have been with Laurence Stanton.
Yet, those years did have their bright moments - not least the day to day successes in running the farm.
Here is Annie's story of her early days at Emmerdale. She looks back with fondness at the happy times - but doesn't neglect to mention the less happy ones. From the bitterness of Jacob's suspected unfaithfulness to the joy of motherhood, Annie lets us share her private recollections of an era passed.