What are Annies favourite recipes? Which does she make for whom? What does Dolly cook for guests. So starts the book full of Emmerdale recipes. Inside it even lists Sam's favourite soup as well as what young Jackie liked. Amos has a couple of dishes hiding inside, as is Seth's Grouse pie
Emmerdale Country Crafts brings together a large and varied selection of craft skills, ranging from pot pouri to baking, and from drying press flowers to knitting.
  In here you will find a collection of 22 knitting patterns designed for this book. They are all worn by the cast of Emmerdale. All the patterns have clear instructions and colour illustrations. Join Alan Turner as he welcomes you to the Woolpack and into the homes of some of the best loved characters. Share a pheasant pot with Seth, enjoys paella Annie Sugden style and sit down with the Windsors for an easy to cook family meal. As you embark on your trip around Emmerdale through the seasons, be prepared to experience some tasty dishes, spiced with juicy morsels of village gossip and all wrapped up in the warmest welcome from Yorkshire's most charming landlord.
Published in 1990
  In times gone by the lives of country folk were ruled by the natural world around them. Their knowledge of the weather and of their crops and animals, was vital to survival and thus a vast store of sayings, rhymes and proverbs grew up which helped to guide their actions.
Today much of this lore is sadly, retained only in the memories of the older generation, and Sam Pearson, patriarch of Emmerdale Farm, made it his business to ensure that it didn't die out collecting everything into a diary that he left to his grandson Jack Sugden.
Anne Sugden visits some of Yorkshire's most beautiful abbeys and churches, including Fountains Abbey.
Joe Sugden goes racing at Ripon and introduces us to more of his favourite race courses.
Henry Wilks explores the glorious Yorkshire Dales
Dolly Skilbeck enjoys a day at the seaside- Whitby, Scarborough and Bridlington.
Seth Armstrong takes a leisurely stroll around the North York Moors
Alan Turner sallies forth to the rivers of Yorkshire for a spot of angling.
Kathy Merrick gives us a guided tour of Bradford, Harrogate and York.
Rachel Hughes discovers Bronte country.
Published 1998
  Behind the scenes follows the building of the new village set and takes the reader on a house-by-house. Family-by-family tour, as well as visiting the pub, post office, village stores an churchyard, where the rural soaps drama has taken place for a quarter of a century. The book features new and exclusive photographs, as well as a unique look at the construction of the village and how the authenticity of the sets and streets was achieved. There are the interviews with the production designer Mike Long and his team who have ensured that the sets match the village as featured in the TV soap. There are interviews and stories from the years of filming in the villages of Esholt and Arnecliffe and a look at how they became tourist attractions thanks to Emmerdale's popularity. In addition, the book features an exclusive tour of the interiors created in the Emmerdale studios in Leeds in the company of the actors who star in the show. This is the official souvenir of the show, in the year Emmerdale's new set is unveiled.
Published October 2002
Published 1999
Emmerdale Stars was bought out in 2002 as a one off magazine to celebrate 30 years of Drama in the Dales.. It's full of interviews reminders of storylines and alsorts. There was also a competition in it to visit the set and meet with the cast. Ok, so Emmerdale may have had sleepy beginnings as a soap but in recent years the scriptwriters have had a field day. It's been enough to make you think twice about enjoying a nice day out in the country as they've stuff the soap fuller than Mandy Dingle's bra with scandal, intrigue, murder and mayhem.
This book re- acquaints the Emmerdale fan with the key storylines and characters of the soap, and delves into the real lives of the cast, it combines gossip, facts, headlines, fun and quotes and is the perfect companion to life 'down on the farm'
  littlebook For thirty years Emmerdale has been one of the stalwarts of British television. From a farming drama, it has turned itself into an awarding soap along with a perfect mixture of drama, brillient acting and fantastic dialogue.
From Betty to Seth to Marlon to Tricia, The little Book of Emmerdale contains biographies of all your favourite characters, along with some of their more amusing quotes.
So sit back and enjoy some of the best Emmerdale moments.
A guide to filming locations including Emmerdale.
A map of the original Emmerdale before everything moved about to accommodate the purpose built village that is now used.

The new Emmerdale cookbook. takes the reader on a gastronomic tour around the kitchens of Emmerdale. It's easy to follow recipes reflect the changing times in Yorkshires most famous village.
Marlon Dingle super cook of the future presents his tiger prawns with garlic and lime butter and the tiramisu he learned to make in Venice.

Whatever the occasion, whether a picnic or BBQ, a romantic dinner for two, a children party or a comforting family meal, The New Emmerdale Cookbook offers a veritable feast of good food with some uproarious hints and tips from your favourite Yorkshire folk, this book will delight Emmerdale fans.