Fights 1
Fights 2
Kisses 1
Kisses 2
Kisses 3
sean richie
Jack loses it in prison
Sean accuses Richie
Roddney    and Andrew
Andy and Richie
Rodney with his daughters ex Andrew
Spot the crowbar as Andy goes for Richie
Cain and Jack
Viv wets Carol
Just before Cain gets Jack where it hurts
A champagne bath for Carol
Zac and Czin
Robert and Andy
Father corrects his son
Brotherly love
Angie and Cain
Cynthia and Carol
Cain and Angie
Cynthia and Carol
cain slaps charity
zac and Ned
Cain slaps Charity
Flash back to Ned and Zac
Cain and Len
Julian and food
Len and Cain 26/07/01
Scott, Julian and some food 27/07/01
Tricia and Mandy
Vic and Rob
Mandy and Tricia. Friendly rivals
Do you remember Andy's dad? Vic met him
Tara and Andrew
Tara and virgina
Tara and Andrew the "stud" 09/08/01
Tara and Virginia they were best friends 09/08/01
sean and cain
Sean and Cain 29/08/01
The brides mother isn't too happy with Carlos
Paddy and Nicola
Mandy and Paddy
Pent up frustrations Diane bops Rodney.
A glass of wine before the fight 25/03/02
Nicola maggie
Bernice Nicola
Nicola, just before Maggie gave her a ducking.
Nicola is at it again this time with Bernice 12/04/02
Nicola and Syd
Diane and Viv at the pagent 03/06/02
Nicola gets jilted by Syd 21/06/02
Phil thumps Rodney
Nicola gives the cake to Maggie
Goodbye Maggie, slaps Nicola on Maggies last episode 09/08/02
Two timing my Tricia? Stephs first meeting with Marlon 03/09/02
Now what has Eric done to deserve this?
Ray gives Mack a slap because he thinks he is the stalker. 11/12/02
Steal my man? Nicola gives Steph some salad
Bob and the Limo Driver
Danny thumps new boy Ali
Cain and Charity 01/06/03
Remember Ashley and the speed dating?
Bob gives Gavin a pasting
Eddie decides to resign
Is this anyway to treat your uncle?
Rodney soaks Eric after a dodgy deal
Scott and Justin
Shadrach begs forgiveness
Donna finds out she has just been used
Ronnie doesn't like what Robert has done to his little girl
Big brave Robert threatening little Daz
Brothers at war
Zak and Scott
Debbie gets rough on the school bus
Chas and her exboss
Kim and Zoe
I can't remember the date of this one
( sent to me by Zoe)
Scott and Carl
Chloe slaps Syd
Scott gets kidnapped
Louise is once again the other woman
Rodney and Danny fight over Val
Jack and Ronnie
Shelly and Steph. The worm turns
Mathew calms Carl
Nicola meets Tash
Jack thumps Rodney
Steph didn't mean to push Alan so hard
Chasity has words with Colleen
Cain chastises Debbie
Paul meets his father Rodney
Daz upsets Jack
Roberts upset Cain
First it's Andy and Zak
Then as a newyears eve encore Cain joins in
Jimmy didn't like Charitys video (Feb 2005)
Zak insists Eric tries Lisas birthday cake. (18/02/05)
Charity's parting shot? (feb 2005)
Brotherly love
Chas helps Chloe wash her hair. Matt has upset Jimmy once too often.


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