Even more Kisses
Maggie and Rodney
Syd and one of his girls
Syd and Chloe
Nicola and Robert
Angie and Mack
Nicola and Neil
Dawn and Terry

Louise and Ronnie
Sam and Tomika
May 2003
Syd and Yolanda
June 2003
Zoe and Callie
June 2003
Robert and Elaine
Robert and Donna
Charity and Marlon
Sept 2003
Charity and Cain
Robert and Katie
November 2003
Nicola and Simon
26 January 2004
Alan and Shelly
10 Febuary 2004
Danny and Val
14th March 2004
Charity gets her lips on Tom
Louise and Terry a one off or something more to come?
Zoe and Scott, will it last?
Zoe and Ratchel A fling or something else?
Katie and Robert reunited
Debbie throws herself at Ethan
Simon and Nicola
Debbie and Andy
Dawn and Scott just lodgers?
Sadie and Cain the kiss that nearly was.
Laural and Ashley the perfect match?
Was Charity willing?
Was Jimmy Willing?
Sam and Alice
Terry and Louise
Sadie and her bit of ruff Cain
Sadie and her toyboy Robert
Paddy and viv
Val and Eric
15 June 2005
Paddy and the postmistress Viv
Matt and Louise 15 June 2005
Kelly and the Doctor
paddy Rita Effie zoe
Paddy and Rita
Effie and Zoe
Debbie and Robert
Debbie and Andy
Jimmy and Kelly
Matt and Sadie
Steph and Dr Adam
Debbie and Jasmine
Martin and Louise
Matt and Louise
Paul and Ivan
Steph and Adam
Tom and Sadie
Terry and Jean
Cain and Jasmine
Hari and Perdy
Paddy and Del
Katie and brother 3 Daz
Sadie and Cain 4/7/06
Jo and Andy 24/8/06
Cain and Toni 5/9/06
Kelly and Scott 1/10/06
Rosemary surprises Tom. 9/10/06
Matt and Perdy 9/10/06
David and Toni 31/12/06