Emmerdale Kisses
adam and tricia
Mandy and Paddy

Camping with Trisha and Adam.

Paddy and Mandy but for how much longer?
Chris and Charity
Diane and Jack

The rich and Charity.

Jack and Dianne
Angie and Sean
Tricia and Marlon

The policeman and the trucker.

Marlon and Tricia
Donna and Marc
Terry and Carol
Marc and Donna
Tara a nd Sean

Eric and Gloria

The Lady and the Policemans husband
Diane ans Alan
Zak and Lisa at Taras
It's the wonder of you
Cain and Angie.
Andrew the stud and Nicola
Carlos and Nicola
Carlos taken by surprise by Nicola
Is Andrew worse than Adam ever was?
Jonny and Ollie
Ed and Emily
Johnny and Ollie, will she copy Donna?
The begining of a new romance for Emily?
Bernice and Carlos
Kissing cousins
Glo and Eric. Bev and Marc
Gloria and Eric.
Marc and Bev
Donna and Marc
Who is encouraging who?.
Charity grabs Zoe
Bev and Adam
Chloe and Scott
Bev and Adam
Joe and Tricia Viv and Bob
Trisha and Joe
Viv and the Travelling Bob.
Richie and Sarah Ashley and bernice
Hunt the needle in the barn with Richie and Sarah.
The vicar and the landlady did she corrupt him?