Emmerdale has had it's fair share of deaths. How many of these people do you remember?
Jacob Sugden was the husband of Annie, Emmerdale started with a funeral and it was his. The official cause of death was given as liver failure.
Jacob had been work shy and drunk away most of the farm profits leaving it in a sorry state. It was badly maintained and run down while he was alive the future of the farm had looked bleak.
Jacob left a wife Annie and three grown children two sons, Jack and Joe, and a daughter Peggy.
30th Jan 1973
Sharon Crossthwaite
Sharon Crossthwaite. 17 year old Sharon was raped and murdered, she was the daughter of Annie Sugdens second cousin, Beryl. Jim Latimer was finally caught and convicted of the crime.

20th Feb 1973
Ian McIntyre AKA Trash

Trash turned up in Emmerdale when Jack was living in the mill. Trash had once been a librarian, with a wife and daughter. He had given up on conventional life, left his family and taken to living rough. Trash committed suicide by jumping out of a window. He broke his neck.
16th July 1973
Peggy Skilbeck
Just three months after giving birth to twins, Peggy died of a brain hemorrhage. She was buried in the graveyard next to her father Jacob. Peggy was married to Matt Skilbeck who worked on the farm. They had recently moved into Hawthorn Cottage, the first time she and Matt had had a home of their own.
13th Jan 1976
Sam and Sally Skilbeck
At just 3 years old Peggy and Malt's twins died in a car crash with their aunt whom they had been staying with since the death of their mother. The car was in collision of a train at a level crossing. On the twins death Peggy's share of the farm passed to Matt.

13th Jan 1976
Beattie Dowton

21st June 1977
Jim Gimbel
Kathy's father Jim shot himself, after Kathy left home and his wife Freda had left him. Freda left because Jim raised his hand to Davy their youngest son. It was the last straw from an over bearing anti- social man. Jim's body was discovered by the police after the postman informed Joe.
19th Feb 1981
Enoch Tully
Enoch died in a tractor accident on his farm. His tractor flipped up and landed on him. Enoch was a very proud and god fearing man. Though he did have a reputation for being cantankerous.

Sam Pearson, Annie's father died peacefully in his sleep after celebrating his prize pumpkins win in the annual village show.
Sam served at Flanders during world war 1. the went back to working on the land, by the time he had retired he was farming manager at Verney's. He moved to Emmerdale when his daughter Annie married Jacob. After Jacob's death Sam was made a partner in the newly formed Emmerdale company, finding the responsibility too much he sold his shares to to Henry Wilks for £500 which he used to train dogs.
Sam was chairman of the Emmerdale cricket team. He was also on the committee of the Bowls Club and the horticultural society.

23rd Jan 1986
Harry Mowlem
Farmer and quarry owner Harry Mowlem was murdered., At first Matt was suspected as Harry had made unwelcome advances to Malt's wife Dolly the previous year, also Matt had accused him of sheep stealing. It came out after Matt had been charged with man slaughter it was infact Derek Warner who was Harry's partner in crime that murdered him.
Just five months after the birth of her son Robert, Pat Sugden wife of Jack, driving a car swerved to miss a flock of sheep and went plunging down the hillside. Pat left two other children, Jackie her eldest an a brother to Robert, and Sandie half sister to them both her father being Tom Merrick who was Pat's first husband.
24th Nov 1988
Steven Fuller
Timber consultant Steve Fuller was killed by a falling tree. Dolly Skilbeck had, had a short affair with him but had ended it just before, feeling guilty she went to Kelthwaite to arrange his funeral.
6th July 1989
Dennis Rigg
Unpopular Dennis Rigg was killed by a bull whilst he was hanging about the out buildings on Emmerdale Farm. He was not like as he wanted to turn a large area if Land in Beckindale into a quarry. He was also Joe's partner in Homefarm, Alan Turner having sold his shares to him.
16 August 1989
Jackie Merrick
Jackie Merrick natural son of Jack and Sarah Sugden, husband of Kathy died in a shooting accident. It was all because of a ten pound bet over a fox. Jackie first arrived in Emmerdale in 1980 along with his mother and sister Sandie. It wasn't long before Jackie was working on Saturdays with Seth Armstrong as a gamekeeper trainee. At first he was unaware who his natural father was, believing it to be Tom Merrick. He turned into a bit of a rebel when he found out. But soon settled into married life with Kathy Bates after quite an on off romance.
Pete Whiteley Died 16th August 1990. He was accidentally run over by Kate Hughes', his lover at the time, mother. Salesman Pete was a ladies man, even though he was married to Lynn he still had a roving eye. It fell on school girl Rachel Hughes, who took the relationship to be more that what he did. He ended the affair just before Lynn announced she was pregnant with their first child. On the night he died he was walking home drunk, his car keys having been confiscated by Rachel, when Kate who was returning from a night out hit Pete. He haunted them from the grave however. His death split mother and daughter and the story of his and Rachel's affair hit the Sunday tabloids scandalizing the village. Lynn gave birth to their child on the day of Pete's funeral.
1 Jan 1991
Paolo Rossetti
Paolo Rossetti was Henry Wilks son-in-law, being the husband of Henry's daughter Marion. Paulo died in mysterious circumstances in his homeland. Jack Sugden flew out to be with Marion who was arrested shortly after his death..

Oct 1918 - 30th July 1991
Bill Whiteley
Bill had prepared for his death some years before he bought himself and Archie Brooks a coffin, such was his sense of the macabre. He said it was because he didn't trust his family to buy a good one for him. He was heartbroken at the death of his son Pete the previous year. Bill started drinking in the Woolpack after he had been banned from the Malt shovel by Ernie Shuttleworth for depressing the regulars with his morbid sense of humour.

Henry Wilks moved to the village, after retiring from a life of commerce. But the business side of him never completely went. He not only bought the freehold of Emmerdale farm, allowing the ailing farm to be turned into a thriving business. But also the freehold of Woolpack along with Amos when the brewery wanted to sell.
In his spare time Henry served as both churchwarden and parish councillor.
He moved into a room at the Woolpack and worked alongside Amos. Who had been behind the bar since the end of the second world war.
The partnership ended after Amos decided to retire to Spain in 1991. Alan Turner took over .But things were never the same for Henry. Who died of a heart attack that same year.


Wife of Seth the game keeper, Meg Armstrong died in her sleep of a stroke after an illness when which all the village rallied around to help Seth with the housework,
30th Dec 1993
Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes moved into Emmerdale with his mother and sister, in 1988. In 1989 he decided to run away to Germany to be with his father, but only got as far as Hull. Instead of going to university, in 1992 Mark took a job as a handyman in the holiday village. Mark died in the plane crash along with others in the village. He was identified by the 1930's watch that Annie had given him.

30th Dec 1993
Elizabeth Pollard
Although Elizabeth died the night of the plane crash, it seems weird that she was on the way to visit the police station with evidence of her husbands cheque fraud.. Elizabeth's son by a former marriage accused Pollard of murder. No charges were ever bought.
30th Dec 1993
Archie Brooks
Archie Brooks now there is a mystery here, did he die? Nick was the last person to see Archie alive, his shadow showing up against a fireball but his body was never recovered . Former tearaway Archie went in 1991 on an animal rights march with Zoe Tate. In 1992 Archie moved in with Nick and Alice to become a full time child minder.
30th Dec 1993
Leonard Kempinski
A piece of wing killed Leonard Kempinski. He along with Joe and his new wife Annie were in a car heading for the airport. Leonard died instantly with Annie being left in a coma. Leonard had met Annie whilst she was on holiday in Spain, he was a friend of Amos. He came to Beckindale in 1992 and stayed for Christmas after asking Annie to marry him..
31st May 1994
Raider (Simmy)
Shot by Reg at Home farm, after the Post office raid.
7th June 1994
Shirley Turner
Shirley Turner, practically still Alan's bride, was shot dead in the aftermath of the post office raid. She jumped in front of a bullet meant for Viv Windsor.
7th June 1994
Reg Dawson
Reg Dawson, Viv Windsors ex husband was shot by a police officer after a raid at the post office, he fired the shot that killed Shirley Turner.
The Death of Ben, started a family feud that went on until the death of a member of the rival family.
Ben died after he and his brother Butch provoked a fight with the local doctors son, Luke. It was thought for a while that Luke had given Ben a fatal punch. It was later proved however that Ben had a heart defect.
13th Dec 1994
Alice Bates SR
Alice Wood was Caroline Bates mother. She lived in Scarborough.

Joe was the youngest of Annie and Jacob's children. He ran the farm along with his brother-in-law Matt Skilbeck before and after the death of his father. After Jack returned in 1980 Joe moved on to join NY Estates. Me went to France for a couple of years returning to be N.Y's regional manager. Joe went back to the family farm for a while, before moving on too manage Frank Tates new holiday village.
After leaving there Joe went back to Emmerdale farm again In 1994 Joe moved permanently to Spain, where he was killed in a car crash..

1st August 1995
Luke McAllister
Luke McAllister arrived with his family mother father and sister, in 1993, DR McAllister became the local doctor. His mother worked at the local secondary school. In 1994 Luke as accused of causing the death of Ben Dingle, but further investigation found out Ben had a rare heart defect. However that was the start of a family feud that was to continue until Luke's death. He fell for Ben's sister Tina, who after sleeping with him told him she was pregnant. They decided to get married. But Tina left him at the alter saying she was never pregnant and it was revenge on Ben's death. Angrily Luke pushed Tina in the car, he crashed on a bend and subsequently died. Tina survived. The family feud over.
11 April 1996
Jed Connell
Jed Connell's death was the reason Nick Bates ended up in prison. He was the poacher that Nick shot.
22 August 1996
Granny Hopwood
Granny Hopwood was the reason Andy ended up at the Sugdens. She until her death was his guardian, whilst his father was in prison.
Dave Glover will be remembered mostly for his affair with Frank Tates wife Kim, plus the fact he died rescuing the baby he thought was his. Dave arrived in Emmerdale with his parents and siblings in 1994. In 1995 he was appointed assistant farm manager He was engaged to Kathy Bates for a while but she called off the engagement when she found out Dave was still having an affair with Kim. Kathy and Dave finally married in November 1996.
8th May 1997
Ron Hudson
Ron Hudson was Biff Fowlers biological father, he died of Huntington's disease which is hereditary.
Frank moved to Emmerdale in 1989, buying Homefarm to retire to with his second wife Kim. He left the reins of his company a in his son Chris's hands. Frank, hoped to live the life of a country squire while his young wife bred horses.
Unfortunately life isn't always what was planned. Chris had to be bailed out so many times by his father, he may as well have not handed things over. . Frank became a hero after the 1993 plane crash. In 1994 Frank and Kim remarried, after Frank recovered from a heart attack. He and Kim had a son James on the 24th September 1996. Although for a while there was doubt if Frank was the father, as Kim was having an affair with Dave Glover.
Frank suffered a fatal heart attack on 22nd May 1997. Kim watched him die.
30th July 1997
Kate Sugden
Kate died of a brain hemorrhage in Sheffield.
Linda arrived in Emmerdale with the rest of her family in 1994. She worked at the vets as a receptionist. Before finding true love with Biff Fowler she had, had relationship with Danny Weir leaving her pregnant. She aborted the baby herself using drugs from the vets. This put her on the danger list at the hospital. At Steve Marchant and Kim Tate's engagement party, Alex Oakwell pulled Linda Fowler, took her for a late-night drive and crashed while trying to snort cocaine. He fled the scene of the accident, leaving Linda there to die.


Lord Alex Oakwell

Fell of a roof in London exact date not known.
Vic was killed when Billy Hopwood raided the post office on Christmas day. He first appeared in Emmerdale in 1993 with the rest of his family to take overt he post office. He and his wife Viv had pooled together money from his redundancy and a legacy from her late father. Both Vic and Viv each had a child from a previous relationship, and also one of their own. Vic's most prized possession out side his family was his Ford Zephyr.
May 11th 1999
Rachel Hughes
Rachel, the last surviving member of the Emmerdale branch of the Hughes family, was killed by Graham Clark while she was trying to dump him. After an affair with Jack Sugden in 1998 Rachel fell for the school teacher never guessing he was turning into a serial killer. Rachel had previously been married to Chris Tate and had left a son Christopher who now lives with his father and Aunt at Homefarm
November 11th 1999
Liam Hammond
A strange story this, Liam long lost half brother to Zoe and Chris Tate. Liam arrived at Tate Haulage and applied for and got a job. He then kidnapped Chris keeping him prisoner in a cellar until Zoe shot him, she was taken prisoner after a failed ransom drop. Liam is buried next to his father and half brother Chris w ho share the same grave.
February 18th 2000
Graham Clark
Arriving in the village in 1999 Graham was the perfect school teacher or so was thought. Rachel fell for him hook line and sinker. All went well at first until Graham moved in and started trying to control Rachel. Infact it was history repeating itself he had already murdered his first wife.
He came to his demise when after kidnapping Kathy his car went over a cliff. Kathy escaped by the skin of her teeth, with the aid of Marlon and Pollard.
March 20th 2000
Pete Collins
Lorry driver Pete was driving the truck which had the accident with the bus that was taking the villagers to do their shopping.
20th March 2000
Councillor NSE
A passenger on the bus

Butch 24th March 2000
Four days after the bus crash, Butch died, only hours after his hospital wedding to Emily. Over his years in Emmerdale, Butch had changed from a Bully to a man in love. Although it took him a while to get there, with a romance on his side, with a Tate nanny Sophie whom he ended up stalking., A fake marriage to Mandy his cousin, although he felt himself in love with her, Mandy married him for money. With Emily though it was mutual. She had chosen to stay with Butch rather than leave Emmerdale to go with her father.
Sarah Sugden died tragically in a fire started by her adopted son Andy, she was in the farm barn hiding with her lover Richie.
Sarah first set foot in Emmerdale as a mobile librarian in 1988. She was single and enjoying the single lifestyle. This attracted Jack Sugden to her. After a Christmas away, with friends skiing she moved in with Jack. The mobile library closed in 1990 putting her out of work. Not for long though as Jack arranged for her to work part time behind the bar in the Woolpack. Sarah was kidnapped in 1991 by Jim Latimer, who had a grudge against Jack. She and Jack had a daughter Victoria in 1994 a sister to Jacks son Robert. Sarah and Jack finally married in May 1994.
Andy came into Sarah and Jack's life in 1996. From a broken home he was first fostered then adopted.
Miss Strickland 10 September 2001
Headmistress of the local comprehensive school Miss Strickland was struck down and killed by the youngsters of Emmerdale village, driving a stolen car.

Edith 16 September. 2002
Edith was brought to the village by Tricia from an old peoples home. She owned Woodside cottage the one t Marlon and Tricia had fallen in love with. Seemingly abandoned by her family Edith "adopted" Tricia as her granddaughter, and planned to leave the cottage in her will. The cottage finished Edith moved in but died on her first night there.
Shown in the picture of Edith's funeral is her long lost sister who claimed the cottage was now hers.

Angie Reynolds 22nd November 2002

Angie was killed on duty when chasing Cain Dingle whom she had set up on a phone heist from Tates Haulage yard. Angie arrived in Emmerdale in 1999 to take up residence next door to the Dingles with her husband, trucker, Sean and children Marc and Ollie. She was a police sergeant, though was demoted after getting involved with Cain Dingle.
She had been married to Sean since she was sixteen they split last year over Seans affair with Lady Tara. Angie went on to have an affair with Cain Dingle and Syd Woolf.
Angie was friends with Sarah Sugden before her death. In 2000.
At the time she was killed she was ready to quit and had handed in her notice.

Ray Mullan 25th December 2002
Ray first appeared in Emmerdale on 26 September 2001. He first put the back up of Rodney, who he outbid on Mill Cottage. Business wise he played things close to his chest. But he legally owned a couple of Leeds night clubs. It wasn't long before he had taken up with one of the local barmaids Louise, after proposing he bought her a half share in the Woolpack. Not long after Louise had a stalker, unbeknown to her it was Ray himself a very jealous man. Although the official cause of death was accidental it was Louise who "accidentally" pushed him down the stairs. He was the first person to have a funeral held in the new church although he was cremated. His ashes were scattered in the river and the urn followed. His brother David came over form Ireland for the ceremony.

Chris Tate Wednesday 17th September 2003
Christopher Tate first arrived in Emmerdale on the 16 November 1989, with his family. Father Frank sister Zoe and stepmother Kim. He married Kathy Merrick on th 5 Nov 1991 divorcing her after an affair with Rachel Hughes in 1995. He went on to marry Rachel on the 7th December of the same year. She was the mother of his only child Joseph. He and Rachel divorced in 1997. In 2001 he married former prostitute Charity Dingle. Chris found he had a brain tumor, and also his wife was having an affair with the father of her daughter Debbie. He used the fact he was dying to frame Charity for his murder by committing suicide. He posthumously has a son called Noah who was born on the 1st March 2004

Tricia Dingle Thursday 8th January 2004
Tricia arrived with like a whirlwind on the 16 September 1998, she introduced herself to her grandfather Alan who failed to reconise her at first it being so long since they had seen each other. After several romances one including her best friend to be then fiancé Gavin, and a marriage of convince to Joe Fisher. Tricia finally settled down with Marlon Dingle. After one attempted marriage that never went ahead because of bubble gum, the couple finally tied the knot on the 14th Febuary 2003. Even then she never settled and for the 6 months before her death she went to Bollywood to start in a film, on her return she had problems in her marriage. During the New Year storm part of the Woolpack collapsed and fell on top of Tricia leaving her brain dead. Marlon agreed to the machine being switched off on the 8th January. He also gave permission for her heart to be used to save another persons life.
Paul Marsdon Monday 6th July 2004  
Shelly Williams 17th March 2005  

Max King 8/11/79- 2/11/05


Seth Armstrong Monday 30th October 2005

Terrence Turner 13 April 2006  
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Dawn Woods 14th July 2006


Alice Dingle 31 July 2006

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12 Novemember 2006
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