Emmerdale Weddings
27th March 1973
Frank Blakey and Janie Harker
10th September 1974
Joe Sugden and Christine Sharp
29th June 1978
Matt Skilbeck and Dolly Acaster
5th October 1982
Jack Sugden and Pat Merrick
3rd Febuary 1988
Jackie Merrick and Kathy Bates
12 April 1989
Joe Sugden and Kate Hughes
5th November 1991
Kathy Merrick and Chris Tate
6th October 1992
Eric Pollard and Elizabeth Feldman
28th October 1993
Leonard Kempski and Annie Sugden
10th Febuary 1994
Shirley Foster and Alan Turner
19 May 1994
Jack Sugden and Sarah Connolly
22 December 1994
Frank Tate and Kim Tate
5th November 1995
Amos Brearly and Annie Kempinski
7th December 1995
Chris Tate and Rachel hughes
16th May 1996
Emma Nightingale and Zoe Tate (Blessing)
28th November
Dave Glover and Kathy Tate
24th December 1996
Biff Fowler and Linda Glover
1 May 1997
Eric Pollard and Dee De La Cruz
21st August 1997
Lord Alex Oakwell and Tara Cockburn
28th January 1998
Zak Dingle and Lisa Clegg
May 7th 1998
Steve Marchant and Kim Tate
11th November 1998
Butch Dingle and Mandy Dingle
25th May 1999
Roy Glover and Kelly Windsor
13th October 1999
Paddy Kirk and Mandy Dingle
24th August 2000
Butch Dingle and Emily
They married on Butchs' death bed.
6th December 2000
Trisha Stokes and Joe Fisher
25th December 2000
Ashley Thomas and Bernice Blackstock
5th Febuary 2001
Viv Windsor and Bob Hope
27th November 2001
Charity Dingle and Chris Tate
Eric and Gloria
2nd May 2002
Eric and Gloria
Paddy Kirk and Emily Dingle
17th October 2002
Trisha Stokes and Marlon Dingle
14th Febuary 2003
Terry Woods and Dawn Hope

Andy Sugden and Katie Addyman


Jack Sugden and Dianne Blackstock

21 September 2004

Laural Potts and Rev. Ashley Thomas
6 November 2005

Donna Windsor and Marlon Dingle
16th Febuary 2006
Viv Hop and Bob Hope
16th Febuary 2006
Sadie and Alisdair Sinclair
24 March 2006

Sam Dingle and Alice
24 April 2006