The making of the 3000th Episdode
This Morning 10/09/01

This Morning's Emmerdale special started at 11am when Colleen said it was her faverite soap. "How do they celebrate the 3000th edition" she asks. "With death and destruction". She went on to explain abbout the teenagers car incident. Colleen was doing the link to the filming of the episode, with Denise Robertson in attendance at the location.
Denise started by asking if the viewers remebered the leaping lambs? And said that Emmerdale was a much more exciting and dangerous place to live now. There then followed clips of events that have happened.
The filming of part of the 3000th episode then starts, it's nightfall and everyone turns up for work. Clips of Andy trying to get into the nightclub and explanations and background are given. Over 50 people were involved in the crash scene which didn't finish shooting until 5am.
Raine was asked how it was to have joined and been put straight into such a big story line.
She said she was lucky and she still can't believe it.
Denise talked to "Marc" said he was the sensible member of the Reynalds household how come he was involved "easliy influanced" was the reply. What do you think your huge teenage following will think of this? It's a very serious issuie and the charactors in it have quite a lot of bad memories and will have to deal with after it. and they will have to deal with the punishment of it.
Ollie was next, ripe for a romance said Denise will it be Cain again? Ollie said she'd had some bad experiances but there are some new lads in the village now so who knows. the stunt director Dave Holland explained to Denise they have a stunt register and he goes through it to pick doubles.
The car hits a sleeping policeman to make it jump. After which the "real" actors take over again. Here the director is asking for a "straight" swerve.

The stunt doubles, who doubled for who?

Top left Marc then came Donna
Andy and Katie
Then Eve.

The section finished with Denise asking if Cain was lurking in the bushes.


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