Adele Silva on This Morning August 2005

It's been five years since Kelly left Emmerdale, and now Adele has returned to bring us Kelly up until at least Christmas.
She said about 3/4 of the crew were the same people and about half of the cast were the same, she hadn't worked with either Patsy Kensit of the Kings before.


A clip of her fight with Dawn was shown, Adele said that was a real slap Dawn gave her, she said she was ok with it as she know Julia would hold back if she said it had hurt.

She was then asked about her schedule, after leaving the TM studios She was as straight back up the M1 to start filming at 3.30, if she was in a storyline it could be a grueling schedule but it was fun

Asked why she went back, Adele said she had been asked a few times, but this time she was asked for longer, she had seen the storylines and liked the idea of being a bitch, as she is so girly in real life Kelly is nothing like her.
Kelly slept with half the village got pregnant twice and slept with her step brother and tried to commit suicide last time she was let loose.

Asked about socialising Adele said yes the cast do occasionally all go out together, but normally it's work home bath script and bed.

Adele was also on Stars in their Eyes, she asked for a clip not to be shown, when asked about it she said she had a choice between two people Kylie or Rachel Stevens. She chose Kylie because that was more dancing than singing as she(Adele) can't sing and had never performed like that on her own before

Adele is currently going out with Antony Costa from a group called Blue, asked how it was going she said she was up and down the M1 all the time. Antony was back stage and they both grinned.
Adele was again asked about her plans, she is contracted until Christmas but would stay on if asked.
She was thanked and goodbyes said.

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