Anna Brecon on This morning


Anna Brecon spent four years in Emmerdale on and off playing the toff Lady Tara, only to leave and play an aristocrat on the stage.
That how the interview started followed by clips of her last scenes with Sean.
Although Anna has no regrets on leaving Emmerdale she did this time last year ask to go. In fact she asked to be killed off although she does miss the people.
She decided she had outgrown Tara, there wasn't anywhere left for her to go, she had bedded just about everybody in the village.
Anna starts rehearsals for her new play on Monday. She is appearing in it with Jeff Hordley who plays Cain Dingle.
The two of them never got to work together on Emmerdale so Anna
is looking forward to it, she called him a fantastic actor.
They are both appearing in Miss Julie at the Bolton Octagon. It as well as being heavy duty is very steamy, it has everything in it, sex, religion, class conflicts and death. It's set in 1912, Miss Julies dad is away so Miss Julie kick it up with the staff.
Anna's first love is the threatre, she met her husband to be (Dr Matt from Corrie) at the Bolton. They met a couple of years ago in the play the Blue room they played opposite each other.
They are going to Ireland together to make a film. It's set in the 70's with nuclear hysteria and with lots of hippies. Anna likes to paint but she has never yet exhibited. "One day I will" she said
Brian Connally announced her engagement on stage where she was in panto this Boxing Day.
She added that not one person in the audience in the threatre in Birmingham thought to ring a paper and make money out of it. They are getting married in June, it will be very small just family and close friends. Straight after her honeymoon Anna starts rehearsals for her one woman show about Dorothy Parker first Edinburgh then hopefully the west end
Anna was then asked to show Fern her Engagement ring before the interview ended with John offering and Anna accepting a chocolate.

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