Anna Brecon and Lorraine Kelly
Anna Brecon, made someone who could have been intensely irritating likeable in the end according to Lorraine Kelly. Praise indeed said Anna, It's all done with a heavy pinch of salt. Was she sad to leave? Sad to say goodbye to the people, but not sad to leave Tara, she had run her course there was not really anything left for her todo, she had run out of men and Seth was next on the list.
Right now after the interview she is back up to Birmingham, as Anna is in panto Dick Whittington. She is starring with Brian Connelly. Anna is having great fun and it's her first panto. It ends towards the end of Febuary.
After that she is doing Stringburgs Miss Julie.
They talked of her meeting with Steven they were in a play together The Blue room where they both performed naked.
After Miss Julie, both Anna and Steven are off to Ireland, to make a film together. They like working together. Anna said she had ben most of the people in Corrie while running through lines with Steven. He will be leaving Corrie in the spring.
Anna and Steven have bought a house together in Brighton.
Good lucks and goodbyes where said.

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