Emmerdale.net article
Daily Star 28.06.02
By Adam Kennet

The article was accompanied with pictures. The first showing Jack in the middle of a brawl whilst in prison. Another showin Kathy in a hospital bed cover with bandages tube in her mouth. Then came the fire at Emmerdale Farm the one Andy got away with causing. The last was of Charity and Zoe kissing.


Emmerdale fans have shut down one of the soap's biggest Internet sites because they're disgusted by the show's sleazy storylines.
Organisers of Emmerdale.Net have wound up the site saying the countryside soap has changed so much from the farm. based drama that hit the screens 30 year that now they can't even face tuning in.
"I often cannot be bothered to watch it let alone maintain a website for it'' said site manager Bill Sands."
" Iam aware that Emmerdale has been sick for some time and it took experts a while to diagnose that it was suffering from a lethal strain if the ratings virus."
"It's because I have seen my favourite soap opera go down hill"
The site's farewell blast to show producers, which featured a tombstone reading Emmerdale RIP. Fans accused telly bosses of swamping the former farming serial with unbelieveable storylines, often featurung sex and crime!
"Emmerdale is no longer the sleepy rural village we saw in 1972" said Bill
"Instead it has grown into a placewhere you are more likely to see a teenager dressed for clubbing leading his/her newly found partner of 5 minutes for a session of thinly veiled sex."
Bill said 95% of viewers who took part in a site poll agreed.
Another fan emailed: Stop production of all future episodes, the start showing the originl Emmerdale Farm from episode one back in the halcyon days of 1972. Result Viewing figures will go through the roof.

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