Julia and Billy on GMTV
"I know that he is going to make her unhappy"
And that is what Bob tells Ashley in the wedding when asked for a lawful impediment.
The storyline is outlined for viewers that haven't been following it.
While Julia tries to give her reasons for "Bob" not liking "Dawn and Terry's" wedding
Billy sits the with a grin and says he sees no problem with it.
Julia said she had started in January and was pleased to come in on a big storyline even though she was nervous. She got to meet everyone and now it seems like she has been there for ages. She enjoys working with Billy.
Attention was turned to Billy then, he was asked about the Woolpackers and how long ago
About 4 or 5 years he said.
After the clip he was told it was 1996 Billy looked shocked he couldn't believe it. It got to number7 in the charts. When asked about the problems with the age gap. Billy said Terry and Dawn have a life time to find out.
The wedding is on the screens next Tuesday, it's a fun gripping view, "will Bob ruin it" said Julia Billy chipped in with if he doesn't Viv will! Julia added someone will we can't possibly be happy this is soapland.
The pair were thanked and the interview ended.