Two of the suspects from "Who is stalking Louise"
Terry and Mac are standing outside the Woolpack
"Terry" was questioned first,Fiona called him shifty looking.
Billy Said thanks very much, he'd often been called that.
He isn't allowed to give anything away.
Billy said he doesn't see how anyone can think Terry would do anything Nasty to the
wonderful Louise who he is totally in love with.
Fiona pointed out he had two motives, he Loved Louise and hated Ray.

What Billy did say was "It's going to be a very uncomfortable this Christmas
for Terry I think, there has been a lot of filming around police Cells and a couple of courts"
Friday it gets more menacing

Ah said Fiona so they are firmly fingering your collar, but we don't know it's actually you
it could be Mack.

"Me" said Mack "Not my style at all"

Fiona pointed out he had an issue with Ray, Mack then said if he was stalking anyone it would be Ray not Louise.
She then asked how he was enjoying the series since joining.
Rob answered that he had been there since Febuary and was enjoying his time there.
Mentioning the affair with Diane until she discovered what Mack was like and slung
him out
Fiona then mentioned the wig....... she said it was a pity he never wrestled it off Diane's head
as she thought it didn't suit her at all. I Daren't do that said Mack the consequences would
be very profound. "Terry" sniggered.

Rob carried on with Ray rubs Mack up the wrong way, Terry added he rubbed everyone up the wrong way.
Mack reinforced he wouldn't trail around after Louise.

They all said it climaxes at Christmas and The viewers should have an early lunch.

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