Carolyn Pickles was interviewed for the 4000th edition of Emmerdale. Ben asked her who was going to be returning from Scotland but she said she wasn't saying. She has even had people stop er in the supermarket and ask her. Ben was impressed that she hadn't let slip once. Carolyn the ran through the history of Shelly and Steph explaining how they had known each other before moving to Emmerdale, but Shelly then joined Steph there, falling in love with Alan. A clip was then shown of the pair of them on the ship when Steph was trying to persuade Shelly to go back.
Carolyn said it was very cold and the engines were very loud. They had lots of fun filming it and also with the stunt girl Kelly. Carolyn agreed with Ben when he said Steph could be quiet feisty. Carolyn was then thanked.

Later on LK today the clip was shown again, they talked again of the cold weather,and that one person only was coming back. Lorraine said she was glad Emmerdale had decided to keep who was coming back a secret until it happened, as so many stories
get leaked and spoil it. They went on to talk of the the history of the charactor sand their relationship. Steph being the dominant bully but Shelly needing her. The changed the subject to the whole of Emmerdale, and how it manages to change from tragedy to comedy then to the dramatics. Carolyn mentioned the Emmerdale people were like a family and the crew were always so buoyant even after filming 6 days a week, and if you were in all 6 episodes it would be a killer week. Good storylines acting and writing, and getting the blend right more often than getting it wrong. Talk turned to the location, Carolyn said when they have a certain director they get herded out to where the sheep are and the viewers get glimpses of the countryside. Carolyn had been in two performances in Corrie once as a guest at Ray and Derdries wedding then Les Batersbys fling. She never expected to be in Emmerdale so long as she likes to do lots of different things. Asked about her children carolyn said they watch all the soaps they can but like Corrie and Emmerdale. Carolyn has played Camilla twice one in the story of Princess Diana and again in Roy Bremmer.
Saying that Emmerdale was on for an hour they said goodbye.

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