Nicola and Charlotte


After hellos and introductions Ian lee asked if they remembered Dolly Sugden. Both Nicola and Charlotte said they vaguely remembered Dolly.
Wouldn't Charlotte have liked to have played a more glamorous role than a cleaner?
She s fun to play replied Charlotte, she did have fun clothes to wear when she was in EE though.
Nicola was asked you're a kind of Wheeler dealer aren't you?
Nicloa yes she kind of conned Laurel she is now taking commission of all the jobs Laurel already had.

Charlotte was at the NAT when Jude Law and Johnny Miller where there her best show there was Oliver.
Between then both they have been in all three soaps.
Asked the differences N said that Corrie was simular to Emmerdale in the working day, but EE paid the most they get 80% repeat fee.
They both live in London but work in Leeds, they never get invited to parties.
Neither drink !! They chimed that one out together
Do people think you are the character?
They both said yes, and Nicola has been asked for pictures of herself in her pin stripe suit.
Asked if they have been watching Big Brother they both said yes.
Asked who they would have thrown out Nicola said Fred, as he was very opinionated.
The BB rejects joined them on the couch.
Phone callers questions came next
"Judy From Burnley" asked Nicola. "Who do you think the sexiest man is on the set?"
Nicola replied after deep thought, it would have to be Syd, Nathan Gladwell who plays Syd.
Charlotte says Seth, Ian said Seth he is a legend, is he really as old as he looks both said yes,
and he was the best bloke to work with.
After questions to the big brother team came another for the Emmerdale duo.
Angella in London was the questioner.
She wanted to know how the six nights a week affected the Emmerdale girls.
Nicola said they have stopped doing them, but it meant working weekends which they were very
miserable about, but it was all right really as they handled it
Ian asked Charlotte if they had their weekends back, for the moment she answered. But...
Ian added if there are big potentially explosive storylines, well it's better to be working than not added Charlotte
The rest of the time was taken up with the big brother people, just before the end of the show, Ian thanked the girls and asked them to get him a walk on part.