24 February 2004

Pictures and Transcript From Midlander


Introduction of Charlotte by Des and Mel, mentioning her appearances in The Bill and Eastenders.
Des remarks on her versatility particularly in providing voices for a fly and a fork lift truck. He asks her to do the truck voice, but she politely refuses. She mentions doing voice work for Jim Hensons company. She also mentions providing voice over for commercials, and how lucrative it was.
Des asks about disastrous auditions; Charlotte recalls an awful experience at a dancing audition for "Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat" She states that, while she used sing quite well, dancing was another matter, and her audition ended up like a "French and Saunders" sketch.

Her first ever entrance in Emmerdale is mentioned and she recalls the massive Bee outfit, and how she met the cast while dressed as such. She comments on how kind they were. Mel thinks Charlotte had really had appendicitis and collapsed for real, Charlotte corrects her.

Mel asks if her `Laurel` character is fun to play. Charlotte replies she is! As she gets to do lots of mad things!
Des asks if she is as positive as Laurel, he also feels there's a bit of `Laurel` in Charlotte, which brings a smile to her face.

They talk about Laurels shortcomings working behind the Woolpack bar; they mistakenly think Laurel was running it.

Mel then asks about the "Ashley/Laurel" storyline, and Des asks if they will be getting together in tonight's (Tuesday 24 Feb) episode. Charlotte says "No - but you do find out this week" A clip from that forthcoming episode is shown; it is the closing scene from the episode when Ethan comes across Laurel at the Airport and tells her Ashley is off to Finland!

Des mentions,- with great respect to Charlotte!- that Laurel is not the most glamorous of characters, but that she looked good in the clip. Mel mentions that was because of Laurels leaving party she was made up; Charlotte tells them she was four hours! In make up.

They then mention Laurels posing for the saucy calendar. She explains that it wasn't just Laurel, but a few of the Emmerdale ladies who did a `Calendar Girls` type of shot which was part of the storyline, and not for any magazine.

Mel goes on to mention Emmerdales production values and the shooting of the "storm" sequences. Charlotte mentions the cold conditions of filming in November and December, and the rain machines. She states though, how exiting the whole shoot was! Des also mentions the increasing production values and how Emmerdale could soon win an award.

They then mention her work again in both "The Bill" and "Eastenders" where she played Sue Taylor, who Des remarks " wasn't very nice" Charlotte agrees and calls Sue a `Weirdo`! Des comments this in contrast to Laurels `niceness` which embarrasses Charlotte slightly. As the interview closes Des tells her "To be careful with that vicar"

Charlottes persona and voice are certainly more restrained than `Laurel` She has a Southern accent which is smoother than her Emmerdale counterparts; though when exited in the interview it pitches higher, not too unlike `Laurel` She smiles nearly as much as Laurel.

Interview length: 7 Minutes 40 Seconds.