Chris on Des and Mel
I have huge huge ears you see, they were the first words I heard when Chris appeared on the
Des and Mel show. 4hrs 5 mins was his best time in a Marathon, he said it was his fault because
he stopped and abused people. It's fun he said. When asked about his mountain climbing he said
he had climbed both Nevis and Snowden but he only does it when he is drunk.
When asked why he does all this stuff why all the hobbies, he said "Cos my wife doesn't like me at home"
They ran a shop in a diving centre, and he does dive.
Asked if there was anything he wouldn't do, he said he wouldn't bungi jump as it's madness
the audience agreed with him.
Moving on to Emmerdale he was asked how many Episodes he was signed up for it was 12.
He has been there 17 years he says they like to be conned, it was by default.
He was asked if we were going to see a more pleasant chap in the future now Gloria's turned up.
Chris said Eric was a pleasant chap.
A clip of Pleasant(!) Eric was shown.
Chris's history of films was mentioned, Chris said he had done 17 films he can talk about.
There was giggles from Mel. He really enjoyed being in charge of the light Brigade.
Even though his horse got more close ups than he did.
Asked if he had signed up as a mercenary for £25,000 he said yes but in the end he
never went, which he was glad about.
He once stuck his head in an oven to cook the Xmas dinner , but didn't realise the gas was already switched on.
Boom...... he was thrown across the room, and had no eyebrows.
Chris was thanked and the interview ended.