Chris Chitterell on LKtoday
Veteran Emmerdale actor Chris Chittell admits he sometimes sees a faith healer to overcome a crippling fear.

Chris, 53, has played crooked Eric
Pollard for 16 years. But he still gets irrational panic attacks.
He was originally only booked for 12 episodes.

He told GMTV's Lorraine Kelly: "I go through it on the odd occasion. It creeps up and bites you."

Asked why it happens, he told her: "I feel insecure and it is a lack of self-esteem.

"I have a very good friend who just happens to be a faith healer. It is just as well because otherwise I'd be a gibbering idiot.

"I suppose it is one reason why the odd one or two actors resort to the bottle or take beta-blockers."

Fans will see Pollard get married for the fourth time - his bride is Gloria Weaver.

But he spends his wedding night trying to seduce a local councillor in his bid to become mayor of the village.

Chris said: "I still get a buzz out of it. The more disgraceful Eric becomes the more I enjoy it. What rules his heart is money and that is what runs through his veins."


Words borrowed from teletext.

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