This Morning with Clive and Chris.

Chris and Clive,
When introduced John the presenter got Clive's real and character name mixed call him him Jack. Everyone laughed and it was asked how the 3000th party went.
Chris said he never got drunk as he was working the next day. That party was fantastic. Clive added they were about the only two that didn't. Clive said it was his first appearance for about 6 weeks so he had to make sure he was pressing the right buttons.
When asked Clive said he was the only original character left in the show, although he came into it after about 7 years. The transition for him was easy as the character had been off screen for about 4 years.
He has been there 22 years. There was talkthen of Clives marriage to Helen, his screen wife. And of how they thought they might use their own baby as Robert, but it was decided against as the mixture of
names might not be so good, and it all got a bit messy.
The brat pack.
Lots of younger people coming it to it, now Colleen said to Chris not necessarily better looking Chris replied you lie like a cheap watch. They were asked if the arrival worried them, no said Chris we all get a shout all ages compliments each other. The youngsters aren't nervous when they join or if they are they don't show it.
Emmerdale got 18 million veiwers the night the plane crash was shown and they get on average 11 million these days.
A collection of clips where then shown, ending with that load plop on the airbed with Rachel.
Clive said he is halving a bit of a rest now as the fire and prison storyline was so intense. Even so it was his favorite one. Chris said he didn't really have one, poor old Pollard he said, never gets the girl. They all agreed Pollard was a sneaky character The interview finished with Colleen asking for an autograph
after, for her kids. Jack said only if he could have hers.


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