Clive is introduced and the the first thing Fern mentioned was Clive being on the show for
24 years.
He admited the shooting storyline was a bit of a shock,Steve the producer could see the look on his face but he was reasured.... at that point Philip interupted and said they were not allowed to say what happens, but if Jack were to survive.
Philip said they had made a long list of the things that had happened to Jack in the past, Clive said he had tried to remember but it was a long list.
There was marriage adultery and fires, the list just went on and on. Jack was offering an olive branch. when he was shot.

Jack went on to explain the background of the storyline to the shooting saying it was
complicated, if she survives what should he do?

Clive said he was quite flatttered when people come up to him and asked if he was leaving and hoped he wouldn't, they seemed concerned for him.
On one hospital scene he thought great I can lay back and don't have to learn lines.
After it was shot though everyone vanished for a teas break and left him there. It was tiring acting being in a coma for a whole day.

It was said the epsisode was an hour special, and Shaton mentioned she had already seen it and it was good.
Goodbyes were then said.