Clive was sitting in Annie's kitchen, Fiona didn't seem to realise it wasn't the kitchen that Annie presided over and the "farm" had moved several times, but was just known as Annie's.
Fiona remembered the days of old Emmerdale mentioning Annie Joe and Matt, and how much it had changed. Yes said Jack the big storylines were about a right of way across a field or something, a big meeting would be called out would come huge notebooks. Annie was always baking bread. this have had to change over the years, scenes of Jack coming in and falling asleep over the aga isn't going to work in this day and age. Its fantastic how we are doing 6 nights a week 3 hours a week Tv is a lot, it's fantastic and long may it continue.
Asked if it was a shock when he was told he was going to be shot, he answered just a bit, although he knew he wasn't being written out it was still worrying to start with. He enjoyed doing the storyline. He said he had some nice stuff coming up but he mustn't say too much. Fiona then moved to a personal level mentioning Clive's wife Helen Weir. They met on the set of Emmerdale she played the first Sarah.
He has been able to stay with Emmerdale and see his son every day for the last 25 years whereas a lot of actors have to travel the country to make a living.
He was pushed into going to the interview for Jack by his agent then got the news he was on a short list of three, when told he had the job but the commitment would have to be for 5 years, he didn't have to go and think about it he took it. Clive was thanked and the interview ended.
Back with Lorraine on LK today Jack gave the viewers a quick tour of the downstairs of the house. Including a picture of the third wife and the TV where they watch Coronation street. Lorraine mentioned the huge ratings Jack expanded in the audience share. He said he is enjoying it and is on a high at the moment. They talked of the 3 hours television a week which is a lot and Clive said thanks it to the people that are committed to it. Asked about Jack, Clive said he likes him he goes where Clive daren't he jumps in with both feet. The hardest thing for Clive/Jack was the hardest thing to do, the story was good and he enjoyed it, it seems a lot of his good stuff has been with Andy, but now after all the aftermath it looks like they could be getting their life back on track.
Lorraine thanked Jack for talking to her, and said goodbye.



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