Jack on Live Talk
On live talk today there was Jack AKA Clive Hornby he came on to a round of applause.
Comments on Cain needing a punch, and about Andy then straight on to the news of the day Prescott.
Clive saying he should have controlled himself really, but he has a sneaking admiration for him.
He was the asked how he hoped his 15 year old son would deal with playground situation. Clive
hoped he would defend himself and stick up for him self against bullies, back to the egg again.
He was asked if he was a macho guy did he cry, he said he wasn't and he would cry but would hold back in front of people.
He does cry at sad films though.
Next question was, was he upset because he was the only man in Emmerdale who was not a suspect for being Charity's lover?
Upset, no I'm too old and past it for that sort of thing. And she's only a slip of a girl.
Not as far as our audience are concerned.
Asked who he would put his money on for tonight, Clive was under the impression that it wouldn't be revealed.
He then goes on to say he can't say but it's a big surprise.
Asked about the farm , he says he doesn't think he is going to sell it.
One of the girls chimed in it wouldn't be Emmerdale without the farm
I'll hang on to it by hook or by crook he said.
Clive mentioned the BAFTA, and was asked if he was there, he said no, but it was nice to see.
As the show finished Clive was thanked and the music rolled.

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