Paddy and Emily on This Morning with Fern and John.

The first thing to appear even before Paddy and Emily was the background to the storyline.

This time in pictorial form.

There was then a piece about the suicide letter, then then Kate and Dominic were introduced before there was a preview of tonights episode.

The first remark was from Fern, she had noticed they both cringed while watching themselves.

They laffed about the acting in the letter scene, where Paddy was horrid. Asked what they thought
"over acting" lauguheded Dominic.
It was said that Paddy only lost his temper about once a year, but went it goes it goes. Dominic also said Paddy loved Emily to bits.
Then came the preview, Paddy doesn't like Emilys driving tutor. He was described as a knight in shining armour.

They were than asked if they found it difficult doing loves scenes together.
Dominic said they have had days where they have had to do 9 scenes in bed all day.
He added to Fern and John it must be like you two working together all day then being told to snog for money. At that point Fern pulled a face, John asked how much I'm cheap?
It was embarressing said Kate but, but Dominic was great and professional.
Kate said she was allowed to wear an underskirt. So she was all covered up, Dominic jokingly said "you were? I was naked"

Dominc said he was enjoying the story line, but he expected to have been told when Mandy left that he was going to be riding off into the sunset with her.

He is so happy at work , it's a brillient place to work.

Talk turned to the stars that have left.
Any more leaving asked John, both said they didn't know. but everyone was watching their backs, and keeping on their toes, it was heathly though and makes you not just pic up your script and say the lines..... Kate jokingly wonders if she'll be the next to be pushed off a cliff

How long are contracts normally there?
First 3 months then 6 if you're in a couple or a family you may get a year after. Said Kate and adds this is my first year one.

Rumours of aminocity against the soap stars family were they true?
Dominic said he hadn't worked with them properly at all, but it must be awful for them.
As soon as someone is part of the cast they are part of the cast. They are protected and looked after just like the rest of the cast. Kate said it was really sad that they said all those things

Fern said the ratings not affected, but its still as stong as ever. Emmerdale has gone from a from a sleepy village turning rather hot. Dominic said it's because it's rude. Both the ladies said together
thats awful because it's rude the ratings go up.

How are you coping with the travelling? John asked Dominic, you're based in Surrey aren't you.
Dominc said he had thought of moving but if he did, the contract would stop so he stayed where he was, he copes ok.

Kate is based in Huddersfield and is only 25 mins away. So has no worries there. She enjoys cooking, she finds it relaxing, her signiture dish is Yorkshire pudding, proper square Yorkshire pudding. Asked her secret to get it perfict she said not a lot of milk, use fizzy water also an ice cube. They joked about Emily's cookbook.

As the interview came to a close John said he hoped it wasn't a too rocky path to Paddy and Emilys marriage, Oh there will be the duo answered.
Asked if they knew when the couple would marry, Dominic answered he thinks they'll leave them as they are at the moment just leave them to be a happy couple. with little story lines as it's been insane just lately.

They were thanked for coming and the interview ended.

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