Elizabeth Estensen on This Morning 6/9/05

Elizabeth was introduced after clips of her and Jacks story were shown, although she had been waiting all morning for her turn on air. She had been waving form the green room periodically when the Mr&Mrs spot was mentioned.
Fern said it was an unlikely coupling and asked how it come about. Elizabeth said she couldn't really remember but Diane had probably thrown Jack out of the pub then taken a stew around the next day to make amends.
They had been friends for a long time, and have had a rough ride. She being there when he had been shot and he when she had colon cancer.
The cancer storyline was the first one that actually centred around Diane, because she worked in the pub she was on the edge of many or even involved in other peoples stories which is nice but it was also good to get one of her own.

Standing in the background was Jack, well his effigy in cardboard but even so he was prepared for the Mr and Mrs section of the show complete with ear muffs and a fishbowl helmet.
The questions and Elizabeths/Dianes answers.
1 If you had night in together and a take away which would Jack pick? Pizza chinese or fish and chips Diane said Chinese
2 If money was no object would Jacks favourite holiday be the Caribbean Cornwall or a world trip
Diane said world trip
2 What sort of pet would Jack have? Dog, cat or horse?
Diane said dog.
As the answers were reveal and Diane had got all of them right the crew clapped after encouragement from Phil and Fern.

Asked if there was a future for Jack and Diane, Elizabeth answered, she hoped there was whether together or apart. it was then mentioned how soaps like to bring together couples make the road to the wedding rocky, have them happy for a while then split them up,
When asked about working with Clive Diane said it was great and that he was a non stop talker.
The phone number and numbers to press for votes were then given Diane was thanked and the interview was over.


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