Emily Symons on This Morning

Emily Symons was introduced as the actress who gave up the wonderful hot beaches of Summer Bay to run a pub in the Yorkshire Dales, now she has had some explosive storylines accumulating in killing her boyfriend on Christmas day. Just as things were cooling down for Lousie Appleton, the heat has been turned up once again.
Then came a clip of Louise and Ronnie getting caught by Diane.
Lorraine and Paul: what are you doing?
Emily Nothing to do with me it's just my job.
Lorraine: but you wouldn't have expected her to be like that not after the killing.
Emily the Accidental killing
Lorraine You thought that would have put her off men for ever
Emily well it did, it was though it would put her off men and we were going to see her with a lot of relationship issues And it was out the box with this little surprise, I think it's just a kind of delayed reaction, I think she has repressed her griefand her guilt. The whole storyline was a surprise for her, the cast aren't told storylines until up to two weeks before it happens
It came out that Ant and Dec had tricked both Lorraine and Emily, Emily catches up on all the soaps at the weekend with omnibuses,
Paul said Emily was never off the screen these days with Home and away and Emmerdale she
should have a channel of her own.
When asked of the differences between the two she said Emmerdale was much harder being full 12 hour days. While home and away had relaxed rehearsal days
Lorriane asked about the extra episodes.
They trialed it six days a week said Emily I think they wanted to do it for 8 weeks in the summer or something like that
Talk turned then to the calendar which she appeared naked, she said it was all done on a closed set
and the joke of it was Edna appeared in it but she was fully clothed.
Talk went to the soap awards, Emily was asked if she had got her dress ready. No she hadn't
they were all excited it wasn't often they all got to go out together, they treated it more as a jolly
as in Emily's words "No offence to Emmerdale but we don't really win that many awards"
Paul thought it would be good for Alfie in EE to make a trip to Emmerdale Shack up with Louise
and they both move to Weatherfield and run a pub there. He would be really good behind the bar at the Woolpack said Emily.
Paul can't get his head around Alfie and Kat Slater. He thinks Alfie would be a lot happier with Louise.
Good-byes were said with a little oooops from Emily as she "let the cat out the bag" that the affair with
Ronnie was not over despite what she tells Diane.