Emily Symons
Richard and Judy
December 2003
After showing a preview of the river crash, Emily was introduced
Judy commented that she has Ashley end up in the river, well it's more like a stream said Emily.
And went on to describe it. The nose of the car was the only bit that got wet at first.
Richard asked how it was going to end he said that we knew for sure one big star had got the chop.
"It could be you, it could be you" Yes agreed Emily laughing, it could also be different endings.
Judy asked what it was between Louise and Ashley, Emily said she thought he had a thing about
barmaids. Louise wanted a man that wouldn't hurt her. Judy then asked what did a divorced vicar do if he wanted to remarry. Emily said she didn't know he'd probably have to have a serious chat with the bishop.

Richard asked if the cast knew which member of the cast was not having their contract renewed.
We know they know Emily tried to answer without giving anything away. Richard asked if that person was happy
Louise looked uncomfortable, she said she was worried Richard was trying to trick her into saying something.
Talk went on to the filming of the New years episodes, wind machines, wet suits and rain machines.
Emily said they ran around like telly tubbys in the breaks in filming. The wetsuits however kept out the cold.
Richard then jumped and said Emily tell me quickly is it you........
Emily.... "Richard if I tell you I'd have to kill you"
Richard remembered about Ray and asked about the stalker story line, Emily said it had been put on the back burner
and if she didn't behave herself she'd be whisked away to prison. Emily could remember the whole
story as she told Richard all about it. Emily has been in Emmerdale 2 and a half years now. Being in England 4 years. She used to be in Home and away Judy talked to her about that.
Emily said in an interview once that she just chunked out after her divorce, but she was well over that and now settled and happily married, Although they only spend weekends together they are very happy.
Next year they would be together full time, as her husband finishes up what he is doing.
A clip from Ant and Dec was shown next, where they were "extras" in Emmerdale.

Emily talked about how "Diane" whispered to her they were men in drag, which started off non stop giggles.
Richard then gave Emily a Christmas present, a hamper full of choccy things from Australia.
Good-byes were then said.