Emily Symons on This Morning 24th January 2003
EmilyAs usual with This morning interviews this started with a clip of Emmerdale.
Louise was talking to Terry in the dark and was thinking of confessing to the murder of Ray.

Philip: A bit of a Macbeth thing going on with Louise she is sort of consumed with this guilt?
Emily: Yes, but it's a bit late to get a guilty concience I think with louise. In her
situation it was kill or be killed, but once you've done it you have to really go with it.
Fern: Either own up or shut up?
Emily: Yes but if she does own up all these different people will go down for her as well, and Charity doesn't even like Louise but just though Ray deserved to die and good on her.
Fern: At the moment She is choosing just to keep quiet and will she just get away with it?
Emily: Charity provided her with an alibi so there is nothing really they can get her on. I think it's going to be one of those storylines that just sit there in the background, I suppose
if I ever done anything naughty the producer would send me to prison
Philip: so you've got to be very good from now on always learn your lines arrive on time...
Emily: I know, I better not be late. They still have the coroners inquest to come so it's still another month of waiting
Fern: There's still no hard evidence though is there?
Emily: No, but Ray was very dodgy anyway there could be millions of people that wanted to bump him off.
Philip: But in the beginning he was her ideal man at the start?
Emily: In the start but he was getting really weird towards the end. I'm amazed she didn't work it out for herself.
Fern: Well love is blind
Philip: What's the difference between shooting English and Australian soaps
Emily: About 28 degrees... no The shooting day is very similar I think though Emmerdale is worked a lot faster than when we worked on Home and Away We had a rehearsal day, which is quite luxurious when you think we do 17 scenes in the Woolpack, not rehearsed we go in cold it's such a slick professional unit,on my first day I thought, I couldn't believe they went this fast.
Fern: You get up to speed I suppose?
Emily You do yes, you just get on with it.
Philip: how long were you in Home and Away for?
Emily: 8 years
Philip: The temperature on the set got hotter than 28deg didn't it? It burnt to the ground?
Emily: Yes that was the fires just before Christmas. It was also hot. People lost their homes it was very sad.
Philip: Was any of your family effected by that?
Emily: No they were close to it, in previous years she has been evacuated, but it happens most years
she just rings me up and asks me what I want
Fern: Are you Australian born and bred?
Emily: Yes, well my Dads English my mums Australian, but everyone says I've lost my accent
Philip: When your mum phones and asks what you want from t he house what do you tell her?
Emily: Photos mainly I have a little box but I tell her just to get herself out. I see people carrying out their wide screen TV's put then in the car and everything.
Philip: you don't get much notice do you?
Emily: No and it's really scarey there is ash in the air, thick smoke very dramatic
Fern: You left Australia, was it just for work?
Emily: Various reasons some of them don't exist anymore
Fern: you don't have to go into details but I guess it was a bit of a love affair.
Emily: Yes yes but getting Emmerdale was brilliant, it was a good foot in the door for me
as I wanted to get back on to television
Fern: Have you adopted us now?
Emily: I'm having a great time I really love it, lovely people to work with and of course having
a big storyline over Christmas was great for me because I never really had a big one before that.
P Had you heard about Emmerdale before you came here?
Emily Yes I used to watch it.
Philip: did you, I mean it's really a lot to get up to speed with isn't it to join a cast and suddenly you have to school up
Emily: Yes especially something that's been going as long as Emmerdale, I only watched it for about a year and a half but I really, I knew, liked the characters behind the bar, and obliviously going from a big character like Maralyn, to a straight part like Louise I sort of went Ohhhhh and had a sort of a Maz attack
Philip: You fitted in with us over here because we are a bit eccentric, you feel you are a bit eccentric as well how does that show itself? Are you slightly mad?
Emily: No, I don't think I am.
Philip: Is it other people that say you are?
Emily: yes, but I think I said it once in an interview and now it's snowballed.
Philip: One of those things that keep coming out?
Emily: Well I might be I don't know
Fern: What about you, Emily are you going to stay in Emmerdale?
Emily: I'm there until Christmas I've been contracted I think we are going to see Louise having a lot of men issues this year A few trust issues, you know Terry loves Louise, Louise doesn't love Terry. I think they'll be a few shocks instore
Fern: Ohhhhhhhhh
Philip: Well I hope the men issues resolve themselves for both of you.
Philip +Fern: Thanks for coming in.
Emily: Bye.