Charity on This Morning 23/05/01
Judy opened the interview with "We have a gaggle of soap stars, Charity was the third to be introduced.
Which Judy did in her own style. "Charity Dingle ner, ner, ner, ner, we got it right it was Zoe.
There was then a collection of clips from all the soaps.

When Charity's turn came to speak, The first thing Richard said was "We must apologize to Emmerdale, last week when we guessed"
He was then interrupted by Emma who said "You were ticked off" Richard denied it, Emma then said she was joking.
Judy went on to explain that they had come to the conclusion it was Zoe due to a conversation between her Denise
Robertson and the producer who is an absolute Emmerdale freak. Richard chimed in with "another lesbian affair there's
so many of them in the soaps."
Richard added when we guessed it you kept a amazingly straight face. She said she didn't know what her face was like.
And Peter was going to her keep stom keep stom. Richard told her she covered it very well.
Last week was bought back again, with Judy saying that they didn't really have time to mention it but this was Emmas first job.
Emma said yes it was she has been doing a performing arts degree at college, and this was a bit scary.
She said the cast are so fantastic is was like a home from home.
She is up for the best newcomer award.
They went on to talk about Charitys character, "A tart with a heart of gold " was agreed.
Emme said she thought it was the best kind of role to play, not boring it's really challenging she's such a
slapper wearing short skirts Emma herself would never do, she used to be a prostitute but she has toned that down
now she is in with the Tates.
Richard asked why is she having a lesbian affair
"I don't know I'd like to think that's its because she is playing games cos I wouldn't like her to fall
in love with Zoe that would be to boring"
Richard said he thought she was just getting fed up with all the nasty rough men.
"she's Just having a dabble I think" Emma added
Judy then mentioned the BAFTA Richard said yup they're on a roll, before moving on to the next guest.
After the rest had spoken, the phone numbers came up to vote in the soap awards.
The number to vote for Emmerdale is 0901 4000702 the lines are open to midnight tonight (23/05/01) and cost 10p



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