Chris and Charity on This Morning
Clips of the show with a list of "suspects" started this interview this one was different in that it included Zoe in the list, the first time she has been included. The interview proper started with Richard asking if the clip with Charity on the phone was being shown. It wasn't.
Talk was of the current news of John Prescot, Peter went on to tell of a friend of his who had the press waiting for him, after being accused of having a fling with someone, the friend nudged one of the press men and was threatened with prosecution, you have to be very careful he said. More talk of the news, then on to Emmerdale.
Judy and Peter laughing their heads off.
Richard startson to tell Chris and Charity what the this morning team collectively think.
Denise thinks Zoe.....
Chris says how dare she..... Charity looked shocked.
Why asked Richard. Judy went to into the why such as Marlons reaction when he saw the script plus the phone call Judy said it sounded like Charity was talking to a woman, not a man. Chris wanted to know the difference. Judy thought the conversation would have been girlie and giggly with a man but it wasn't. Charity looked lost for words Chris came in with there was nobody at the end of the line she was acting. Charity said it was horrid talking to an empty phone getting the pauses just right was hard.
Judy came in with how amazing the Dingles were and asked how many there were.
Charity said millions
Chris answered " 7,329.1"
And the point one was Marlon who was on the sofa at GMTV this morning.
Running out of time it all went wrong. Richard said they'd be back after what coming up on the news,
Peter was heard to say "OK" but the voice over came and went the programme ended and no more Chris and Charity.

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