Emma and Peter on GMTV

Chris an Charity, with Emmon Fiona and Richard on the sofa at GMTV.
It's the day of the wedding when the couple are introduced. It was commented to Peter and Emma, that it wasn't reall a match made in heaven Peter disagreed as he said Chris was totally in love with charity.
Emma said Charity was a challenge to play as she was fiesty and full of beans shes not the girl next door.
A preview of the wedding was shown, when Zac came to Homefarm.
They weren't allowed to show a preview of the wedding dress (which to me seemed daft because it's been on the net and in magazines for the past couple of weeks)
Peter and Emma then sat throught he rest of the TVhighlights of the evening.
Mention was made of the BAFTA award again, Peter pointed out tat Emmerdale was known as the also rans until the won it. Goodbyes were said with a reminder that the pair would be on LK at 8.30
With Loraine they talked of the run up to the wedding, also they have been sent wedding cards.
Emma was asked when she got in to charactor, when the "chip grease" and stilettos are on. Emmas mum used to tell her not to put so much grease in, she had to explain it
wasn't her it was Charity. The jeans and trainers she had on for the interview were more Emma
Emma has been in the show for two years now, Peter called her an old hand, Loraine then asked how long he had been in it. He coughed and said "Over 5 years"
Chris was called a "Swine" and that Charity coming into his life has made him realise there is more to life than conning people. He really does love her.
They were asked if they were given a background of the charactor. Emma said they were given a brief as to who thery were and what they had done before they appeared on the show. The cast have there own imput into that.
Peter said Charity had got more intelligent the longer she has been there.
They were asked about the 5 days a week, Peter answered Not boring, very fast, no time for illness, sometimes it was close to the mark because things were filmed so fast.
Peter was asked about "Kim" He keeps away from her horses because they win when he isn't there. but when he is they don't.
Goodbyes were then said.


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